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The Advisocrats
It's All Their Fault

Anthony McIntyre • 22 March 2005

For the past week I have viewed with something approaching amusement the rantings by Martin McGuinness that I have been an advisor to the McCartney women as they pursue justice for their murdered brother Robert. A former minister of the British crown throwing criticism at republicans is hardly a cause of great concern. Needham, Mates, Concannon, McGuinness - what should it matter which former Brit minister has a poke?

Two months ago Joe Pilling was the subject of McGuinness's ire when, desperately trying to plug a leaking credibility, he flailed around in search of a convenient scapegoat on to whom he could pin the rapidly depreciating label 'securocrat'. Now to explain away his party's failings in its handling of the McCartney murder, he has cast his line again, this time in the hope of hooking an 'advisocrat'.

There would be absolutely nothing wrong with being an advisor to the McCartney women. In fact it would be an honour. Just, in my case, I have to forego any misdirected praise because it would be received under false pretences. The allegation by McGuinness is nonsense. On a Radio 4 programme he must have left some listeners under whelmed when he made the outlandish allegation that I had stated on a Radio panel discussion on the 13th of March that I was an advisor to the McCartney women. There was as much chance of my having declared myself a forward with Manchester United. The only programme I featured on that day was Seven Days. Perhaps the securocrats have since wiped the master tape and beamed memory erasing rays to anyone who listened to the broadcast. The BBC has no record of the said confession, and no one else can recall it. McGuinness made it up. Comical Marty strikes again.

When spinning nonsense it is important to have a kernel of truth even as a fall back position for when the spin boomerangs. McGuinness and truth seem not to be on the terms of even a nodding acquaintance. Frequently having accused himself of not being in the IRA, it is small wonder that few get excitable when the latest accusation shunts off from his lips. As a journalist said last night, things are so bad that when Sinn Fein do eventually tell the truth about something, nobody will be there to believe them.

What does McGuinness hope to achieve by churning out porkies? Seemingly, he reckons that if the McCartney women's campaign can be tainted with the shadow of the 'anti-peace process' lobby, it might bring a few much needed alms of sympathy his way. Unfortunately for Sinn Fein, it has not been too adept in manipulating a wider public into believing that opposition to the peace process and violently dissenting from it are essentially one and the same.

There are lots of good reasons to oppose the peace process, not least of all that the process subverts the peace. In fact amongst those opposed to the peace process can be found many who genuinely support the peace and cannot therefore endorse the process. Their dissent from the peace process is not violent, unlike Sinn Fein and its militia who on occasion have sought to violently impose the peace process. Moreover, we would be fools to support a process that effectively provides de facto immunity to those in the Sinn Fein leadership who might seek to order our murder. All should feel free to support Christmas - but not the turkeys.

Perhaps the real irritant prompting McGuinness's advisocrat outburst is his anathema to the concept of autonomous intelligent women operating under their own steam. Women can indeed be seen on the Ard Comhairle of Sinn Fein. Public opinion in modern Ireland would hardly countenance an exclusively male political leadership in any party. But in Comical Marty's secret society, where the real decision making processes function well beyond the range of any democratic scrutiny, no woman has ever been accused of being on the army council. A thirty six year life span and not a woman about the place. A Cultra golf club would get past an Equal Opportunities investigator with a cleaner bill of health.

Maybe it is just too much for the great strategist to be turned inside out by such 'lowly mortals' as women whose real place, in his world view, is at the kitchen sink. He must be acutely aware that he has never once seized the initiative and at times has been reduced to sounding like an incoherent idiot, something borne out by his frequent appearances on Hearts & Minds. When Noel Thompson gets him in the hot chair it is like something from Billy Smart's Circus where the call goes up to 'bring on the clowns.' McGuinness never fails to put in a performance which leaves viewers in no doubt that he was born with a 'silver foot in his mouth.' The humiliation is all the greater for the sexist/macho character when women, unheard of in public life eight weeks ago, come across as much more articulate and plausible.

McGuinness's accusatory diatribe has added weight to the charges levelled by the McCartney women that his party has acted in bad faith in its dealings with them. He has demonstrated that the women are not viewed as allies in the search for justice but as hostile forces who must be halted by foul means or fouler. McGuinness, however, labours under a serious handicap in his effort to label the women as pawns in the hands of some external string puller. As his party creaks under the weight of its own dissembling its organised lying is not as organised as it used to be.













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22 March 2005

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