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Picket In Support of Turkish Human Rights Activists Accused of Terrorism

Arrests in London of Turkish Hunger Strike supporters - Update


Bow Street Magistrates Court, London • Monday 13 January 2003 10am

On 11 December 7 people were arrested at their homes in the early hours of the morning under the Terrorism Act 2000. Six of those were detained at Paddington Green Police station until 16 December when they were granted bail. They are charged with membership of and fundraising for a proscribed organisation.

Those charged are human rights activists who work to expose the human rights abuses of the Turkish state which occur on a massive scale and on a daily basis in Turkey. Their crime appears to have been to upset the Turkish state at a time when Britain is wooing Turkey for use of its bases in the event of war against Iraq.

On Monday 13 January 2003 they will again appear at the Bow Street Magistrates Court for a review of their bail conditions and possibly to enter a plea.

We are asking as many people as possible to picket the Bow Street Magistrates Court on 13 January from 10am until the case is heard (at this stage it is not possible to say what time this will occur).

We protest at the use of this most repressive piece of legislation - the Terrorism Act 2000. We protest that people can be taken from their houses as they sleep on flimsy or no evidence and detained for up to 7 days without being charged. We protest that those who dissent are criminalised and labelling "terrorist". We protest at the terrorist activities of the British state against the people of the world.

Please add your voices to ours. Come along to monitor this case and to show your solidarity with those who are charged.


Organised by People Against the Terrorism Act (PATA)











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9 January 2003


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