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From A Belfast Granny
Kathleen O Halloran • 10.11.03

Now I am a granny and I live on the Falls and I too read Tom Luby's article. I thought it was the best analysis I had read in a very long time. Firstly, Enoch Powell did not say anything about Gerry Adams in Tom's article, what Powell said was 'that all political careers end in failure'. Tom then goes on to point to politicians once at the pinnacle of their political careers, who are now consigned to the historical dust bin. Tom did leave out Gorbachev who in my view is the forerunner of Gerry Adam's. The Gorbachev syndrome - being loved abroad but not at home - will be the downfall of Adams also.

There is no vendetta in this magazine against Adams for as I see it, Adams' actions speak for themselves. In an interview with Fortnight magazine Adams states that it has been eight or nine years since he has spent a St. Patricks day on the Falls. Where was he? In New York, most likely at the Waldorf Astoria.

During the first week of the election campaign where is Adams, in New Orleans. Since March, according to public records in America Adams has raised seven hundred thousand dollars for the coffers of Sinn Fein. Yesterday I was not at home but I heard that Alex Attwood and Joe Hendron had been around the doors canvassing. I have no love for Attwood whom I think is a weasel but Joe Hendron I have great respect for. He was my doctor until he semi-retired some years ago. I would never vote for constitutional nationalism, but at least the SDLP came to the door. Sinn Fein have been here twice. On both occasions young people aged between 19 - 22 called, knew who lived here and asked ' 'will ye give us yer votes'. Where is Adams? I have not seen him about. Where is Fra McCann? Just back from his cruise for his fiftieth birthday. Happy birthday, Fra, haven't seen you out canvassing of late! This is just typical of the contempt held by Sinn Fein for their own people, relying on old loyalty that is definitely on the wane.

Now as for Adams, is he a money grabber. Well he came from the back streets of Ballymurphy to now reside in Norfolk on the Glen Road. At today's market prices his house in Norfolk would cost at least £105,000 if you are lucky. Small change for Gerry. His house in Donegal is not a wee place in Donegal, it's of a fairly grand scale and would cost much more than his house in Norfolk ever would. There is no doubt that the fortunes of the Adams family have greatly improved since Gerry has been broadcasting his Republican credentials all over America. To me this fella has been bought.

During this last thirty years while Kathleen Donnelly (last issue's From A Granny -ed.) has been in the States we have all been living here at the coal face so to speak. Mr. Adams and the provisional republican movement was waging a war here against Britain. To make this place ungovernable. Thirty years later, which translates in to thousands of deaths later, the provisional republican movement now wants to govern this place. State republicans are now suing the British Broadcasting over air time, in order to increase their chances of getting in to a British assembly to administer British rule! How's that for a u-turn?

I was in St. Paul's Church when they had Requiem Mass for Jean McConville. Who just like Kathleen Donnelly also lived in the lower Falls some thirty years ago. I saw her ten adult children still not united even in their mothers death. A family ravaged by the evils of this last thirty years that Mr. Adams no doubt participated in. Kathleen wasn't singing praises for Gerry then. It says on the front of the Funeral Mass leaflet:

Born - 7th May 1934
Taken from us - 7 December 1972
Recovered - 27th August 2003
Laid to Rest - 1 November 2003.

So next time Kathleen says a wee prayer, when she puts her head down say one for the McConvilles and the other victims of a useless war waged not entirely but at least managed by Messrs Adams and McGuinness. May I point out to Kathleen that when McGuinness was second in command it wasn't the Legion Of Mary he was in.

The SDLP were at the Mass in force, Mark Durkan, Attwood, Alban McGuinness, all of them. Not one single member of Sinn Fein was present even in a private capacity. I followed the cortege down the Falls Road and for a minute I thought it was going to stop outside the Sinn Fein offices. Regretfully it did not but proceeded on down to Divis Tower. All the families of the disappeared were there. If anything brings home to you that there are families out there missing a loved one, it was the look on all their faces. As McIntyre says, it is only when you have children yourself that you realise what these people are missing. Later on, on my way back up the Falls after the funeral I witnessed Sinn Fein putting up their election posters almost outside St Paul's Church were Requiem Mass had been held. Evidence in my opinion that Jean McConville shamed them.

Belfast granny, as opposed to USA granny votes for Tom Luby - from the Making The Most Sense Party, and for now it's the Belfast granny's vote that counts!






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10 November 2003


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