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Saor Eire

Bob Purdie • 17 January 2005

I would like to comment on Liam O Ruairc's piece on Saor Eire in the current Blanket.

I am named as one of the leading members of the International Marxist Group who had illusions in this organisation. As with many of my opinions in those days, that view was based on very little evidence or investigation. The murder of Peter Graham, who was a good friend, affected me deeply - although not quickly enough - and helped to give me a repugnance for conspiratorial militarist organisations. But although I am now, politically, very far from the Bob Purdie of those years, I am also an historian and I would like to correct some points in the article, on the basis of personal knowledge.

1. The "privileged relations" with the IMG amounted to the unsolicited Saor Eire manifesto, fraternal greetings to an IMG conference and the interview with two SE members, published in the Red Mole. This was set up by Peter Graham, who arranged for me to meet them at Marx's grave, in Highgate Cemetery. It was with two SE members and was republished by the Irish Times, with the false information that it had taken place in Dublin. I was very surprised to be told by them, that SE recognised the United Secretariat of the Fourth International as the leading body of world Trotskyism. My respondents were two of the members who signed the letter from Portlaoise and were, as I discovered later, on the "Trotskyist" wing of SE. I am now sure that they were not speaking on behalf of the organisation, but expressing their own opinions, which were heavily influenced by Peter Graham.

2. Peter Graham was a rank and file member of the IMG and therefore of an affilliated section of the United Secretariat, not a member of the Secretariat itself. At no time did he tell me that he was also, or had been, a member of SE.

3. Peter acted as an intermediary in arranging, through SE, for a false passport for a South African Trotskyist and arms training for a Sri Lankan.

3. I was present during Ernest Mandel's visit to Dublin in 1972. To the best of my knowledge he did not knowingly meet members of SE, except for any undeclared members who were also members of the Irish section of the Fourth International. He did, after reassurances about his security, meet members of the Official Republican Movement who asked for a discussion with him.

















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17 January 2005

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