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Brave New World, Indeed.

Tommy Gorman

It is a perverse irony that two events are scheduled to take place within 3 days of each other.

Red Nose Day, when well-meaning people from all classes, creeds and races do what ever is necessary to raise money to alleviate suffering and death, takes place on March 14.

March 17 marks the deadline when it is generally expected that terrible suffering and death will be visited upon the already afflicted and impoverished men women and children of Iraq by way of a massive and illegal attack by US and British forces.

The British Government, in the latest statement, estimates this bloody imperial adventure will cost £1.75 billion.

It is possible that as much as £10 million could be raised for worthy causes by the various activities during Red Nose Day.

Before we all start to feel indignant about the amount of money spent to destroy life as compared to that raised to save lives, we can’t allow ourselves to forget that, while people die in their millions of starvation and other curable problems in poor countries, we in the relatively rich EU countries guzzle our way through ice cream to an estimated value of over £40 billion per year. To guard against tooth decay afterward we pay £600 million for dental floss and £850 million in mouthwash.

It is indeed a brave new world.














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13 March 2003


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