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British Terror in Ireland


Kevin Raftery• 14 September 2004

It seems like the British establishment will never learn their lesson and are still engaged in the ‘dirty war’ in Ireland. No news for months from Ulster and all of a sudden, after the Pat Finucane murder case where British State Terror was put under the spotlight, the BBC show that their hands are just as filthy as the loyalist terror squads, by deflecting the spotlight from the Finucane case. Two programmes set by the BBC on IRA bombings were conveniently programmed to coincide with the British Terror findings. The Brighton Bomb and The Hunt for the Bomber (BBC 1 Sept 14) conveniently remind the British public of IRA atrocities on the British Mainland.

When loyalist gunmen burst into the solicitor’s north Belfast home 15 years ago and riddled his body, covert police and Army units simultaneously ran informers on the sectarian streets of Belfast to collude in assassinations. The ‘Honest Brokers’ called the security services preferred to protect prized agents like Brian Stobie, who was actively engaged with the FRU (Force Research Unit). This unit cemented British terrorist involvement and collusion in the murder of innocent Catholics in their own domain. Now, the political know-alls featured in news items on the BBC reference the findings with comments like “McGuiness and Adams hardly kept their hands clean did they?” Well there is one difference here in the latest British propaganda trick. The British military establishment were never labelled as terrorists were they?






























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19 September 2004

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