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Support & Solidarity

Davy Carlin

There are many events that working class people, trade unionists and youth can support - provide solidarity for or get involved in, in the near future. Here are just a few.

Firefighters are to strike against low pay which if successful will enthuse others to stand against low wages. Solidarity and support groups are being set up and will be advertised locally.

NIPSA is to have an election for General Secretary. The 'Time For Change Group' are to stand a long term working class activist, Carmel Gates, for the position to attempt to deliver a proactive union. I would urge those interested in offering support to get involved in helping delivering change for the betterment of both the public service which is provided and for the workforces terms and conditions of employment.

Globalise Resistance are helping to mobilise Belfast delegations to go to the European Social Forum (ESF) - to be held in Florence which is for 'people and planet' as opposed to 'profit and war' 6th - 10th NOV. Website -

The Irish Anti-war movement will be holding a march through Belfast on the 7th Dec against Bush's impending attack on Iraq and in solidarity with Palestine and her peoples. Website -

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Movement (IPSC) meets every second Monday from Monday the 21st Oct and will be organising ongoing activities for the near future. Website -

These are only some of the events coming up in recent times that can help provide active support and solidarity for people especially within the context of our ever growing political vacumn. This situation will see some increasingly attempting to steer people especially our youth into the path of division and violence. We must not let this happen.








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It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.
- Arthur Calwell
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3 November 2002


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