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Time For Truth

Irish News Letters Page, 5.3.01

David Trimble called at the weekend for inquiries into certain murders in the 70s in which there have been persistent allegations of Garda/IRA collusion, and also for an inquiry into Bloody Friday. Billy Wright's father is still trying to find out the details behind the (puzzling, you have to admit) assassination of his son. The Justice For The Forgotten campaign is still plugging away for a proper enquiry into the Dublin & Monaghan bombings. The SDLP are holding out for inquiries into the Finucane, Nelson & Hamill murders as a minimum to considering joining the "new" police, and Sinn F�in have called for any such inquiry to go the whole hog and examine almost 400 murders of civilians where there is documented or alleged Army/RUC involvement. And of course back home in Derry the Bloody Sunday Inquiry rumbles on.

Is it not time for a proper South African-style Truth Commission with a general amnesty for all those who take part and tell what they know, in order to finally get to the truth of the events of the last 32 years?

Ciar�n Irvine






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