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To the citizens of Europe

Davy Carlin

This is the call from the liaison group in Evian which shall bring together scores of thousands of activists from all over Euorpe to discuss how we can achieve a better and fairer world for all our peoples across the globe. Activists shall meet and hold demonstrations and counter conferences against wars and the neo liberal politics pushed and implemented by the G8 and their ilk. Many from Ireland North and South whom have been in Genoa right through to Florence will again mobilise with citizens from across Euorpe to discuss and move forward the movement which seen it mobilise the huge coordinated international days of action against the recent Imperialist war and now occupation of Iraq.

Demonstration against the G-8!

The G-8, which unites the world's seven richest countries in addition to Russia, will hold its next summit in France, at the town of Evian, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of June. Created in 1975 to informally discuss financial and economic question, this club of predominantly rich and dominant states reflects the development of a globalisation founded on the pursuit of profit and conformed to the narrow interests of multinational corporations. The recommendations of the G-8 are put into practice by international institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank; these few countries are also the major shareholders of the World Trade Organisation.

The G-8, in effect, asserts its function as a kind of world government, a role for which the world's people never asked of it. The G-8 thus illegitimately imposes its will upon the world's order. The G-8 prescribes neo-liberal policies that accelerate the concentration of wealth, attack workers' rights, jeopardise employment, lower living conditions for the vast majority of the population, disrespect cultural differences, and harm the environment. While G-8 member countries refuse to seriously engage themselves in the fight against accounting fraud, money laundering, and off-shore havens, the G-8, under the auspices of the fight against terrorism, attempts to justify war, militarism, and repression. The G-8 claims to combat world poverty, but its proposals for debt relief for poor countries have proven totally insufficient and are tied to unacceptable conditions. Furthermore, IMF policies continue to drive countries, like Argentina, into bankruptcy, market liberalisation under the aegis of the WTO each day proves itself more and more unfavourable to the countries of the southern hemisphere, and financial contributions to help in the struggle against AIDS, malaria, and other maladies are light years behind what is needed and what has been promised. G-8 member countries, finally, have taken no serious measures to protect the environment. In the past fifteen years, movements against the G-8 have multiplied. In Europe, demonstrations against the G-8 took place in 1989 in Paris, 1996 in Lyon, 1998 in Birmingham, and 1999 in Cologne. Tens of thousands of demonstrators have called for the cancellation of debt of poor countries, and in 2001 hundreds of thousands of people protested in Genoa in spite of the police repression that provoked the death of Carlo Giuliani.

This year, we are responsible for mobilizing ourselves in mass against the G-8 using a broad-based approach uniting citizens and activists from the local to the global level. Whether we be group or political party activists, union members, NGO workers, or, most importantly, simple citizens, we will be in the street united by our common demands, but respecting our differences, because our diversity is our strength. We will mobilize ourselves, together, for peace, against all wars or military interventions, notably in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in the Ivory Coast, in Colombia or Chechnya, and against a western intervention in Iraq.

We will denounce the illegitimacy of the G-8 and we will demand that governments take immediate measures against the fall in living standards, against all forms of discrimination, especially those which affect women and homosexuals, against all inequality, and for the right to work and receive income, for a redistribution of wealth, for a total cancellation of third world debt, for the enforcement of every person's right to travel and live where he wishes as well as the access for all to the common goods of all humanity: water, the sea, the land, food, housing, education, culture, information, and access to health care and medication.




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I have spent
many years of my life
in opposition, and
I rather like the role.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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23 May 2003


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