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Short Strand Murder

Carol Mallon • 9 February 2005

I have read your articles for quite a while now, and have encouraged others to read your writings. You hold me from start to finish. I admire your great mind, and wit.

I am formerly a Short Strand resident living abroad. I was sick to learn of the death of Robert McCartney, everyone in the Strand is close and knows everyone else.

This is a horrendous crime, one that does impact the lives of others in such a small community.

In my opinion this kind of brutal murder undermines what Bobby Sands and the rest of the hunger strikers died for. It spits in the face of those that lost their lives as part of the struggle. Many decent men and women from the Short Strand give their lives and lost years as they defended our small community against that of the Brits and the thousands of Protestants that
surround us.

Lets face it: those days are gone, along with the pride for the IRA that we all once held. The IRA in the Short Strand today are like the Italian Mafia! It's one rule for them and one for every one else. They know what happened to Robert McCartney and they know who plunged the knife that took his life. They are not real men!

They walk around as if it's no big deal; they shield the perpetrators and intimidate others.

Somebody somewhere needs to have talk with these bullies and remind them that they are supposed to defend their people, not murder them.

The people of the Short Strand are disgusted and disgraced.

The two little boys left without a dad will grow up knowing that the IRA murdered him.

A poor mother has lost her second son.

A good girl left to raise these two babies by herself.

I am so saddened by this event. I knew the McCartney family and I can't imagine the loss.

I also know the IRA from the Short Strand and I'm sick. To be honest, I'm glad I left it.

If you want to publish this I don't mind. I'm not intimidated easily.





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