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Computer Enhanced?

George Young • 17 May 2004

After the resignation of Daily Mirror Editor, Piers Morgan, following him admitting that he had been hoaxed and that the photographs which he had published of Iraqi prisoners being abused by British occupation troops had been computer enhanced, I was left wondering, is this totally believable?

The reason I ask this question is, for those of us of in Northern Ireland of republican ilk,who have had the displeasure of an interrogation session, at either Holywood Palace or Girdwood Barracks, the images of Iraqis, naked with bags over their heads being mocked and urinated on by British soldiers, were all too believable.

For many republicans, these sights would have engendered a feeling of de-ja vu.

All too familiar to us are these images and bring back the memories of being told to stand naked, with a coarse sack over your head, tied tightly around your neck, with your fingertips against the wall, while some Special Branch cretin or British soldier kicked you in th pit of the stomach or kicked your legs from beneath you so that you fell, either striking your head against a radiator or the floor.

Or, while you were in what is termed, the search position, being kicked with great force in the testicles.

Or, being rammed with a cattle prod.

Or, having instruments inserted in your anal passage on the pretext of searching for anything that might be used as a weapon.

All of these things being done in conjunction with the usual beating with batons on the head, kicking on the shins, punching to the kidneys and constant screaming, (mainly by us) which accompanied the arrest of any republican sympathiser at that particular time.

Or, if all of the aformentioned didn't get you to admit that you were a "Murdering Provo Bastard", then they would use the psychological approach and play a game of Russian roulette with you, if that didn't work, then maybe a little trip to their doctor would.

This brought you into the presence of a Mengele like figure who would administer an injection which he would tell you would make you impotent, I could never quite figure out why they took you to this character after the torture sessions, as after being kicked regularly in the balls and the pit of the stomach, the chances of you ever getting any of your reproductive organs to work again were pretty slim anyway (maybe the Brits should update their torture manual to reflect this).

So, Piers, I have to say that to myself and I would imagine, an awful lot more people in Ireland, your confession that you had been hoaxed and that the images had been computer enhanced, do not ring true.

What's that old saying? You can't hoax a hoaxer!








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21 May 2004


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