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Operation 'Coxswain' continues

People Against the Terrorism Act (PATA) • 14.03.03

The case against the six people who were arrested and charged in December last year under anti-terror legislation, as part of an operation against political activists supporting the struggle for democracy in Turkey, continued at Bow Street Magistrates on Monday 10th March. The case had previously been adjourned four weeks prior and was adjourned for a further four weeks until Tuesday 8th April. The prosecution said that they had to serve additional papers and that they would do this on 24th March. They have indicated that they intend to pass this over to the crown court now. The next appearance at Bow Streets magistrates is likely to be the last time the defendants appear at a magistrate's court.

Since being charged in the middle of December last year the defendants have had their case adjourned three times, all because the prosecution was not able to serve papers. The prosecution gave a brief outline of the case against each of the defendants, although that was not necessary at this stage. It included: a photo of one of them playing a guitar on stage at a concert; receipts of money transfers to a legally registered magazine in Turkey; accounts of people being stopped when legally entering the country with legal publications; and surveillance records of people being on a May Day march in London. As this is likely to be the last time that the defendants appear at the magistrates and because any trial at the crown court is unlikely to start until September there should be a large turn out at the next hearing on 8th April.

Incidentally the name the police gave the operation was `Coxswain'. Before you all go running for your dictionaries it means someone who steers a boat (apologies to those who knew that). What fun the spooks have in thinking up names for their operations. Perhaps it is a clue. Whose hand is really on the tiller?









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28 March 2003


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