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West Belfast Anti War Meeting

Davy Carlin

There will be a Public meeting on the 29th Jan in An Culturlann, Falls Rd at 7.30pm on the issue of the oncoming war on Iraq. The meeting called by the West Belfast Anti War group is to both facilitate political discussion and to organise practically for the Belfast march on Feb 15th against the push to war. The demonstration will be on the same day as many others around the world on an international day of action. The speakers are Des Wilson, Eoin O Broin (Sinn Fein) Barbara Muldoon (Socialist Workers Party) and Feilim O hAdhmail (Ireland Palestine Solidarity Committee). Below includes some of the sponsors to date for the demonstration on Feb 15th.

Sponsors for Feb 15 International Day of Action in Ireland include (in no particular order):

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (Northern Committee).
Fire Brigade Union,
National Union of Students - USI,
Derry Trades Union Council,
Belfast Trades Union Council,
Strabane Trades Union Council,
Derry Anti-War Coalition,
Eamonn McCann, Journalist,
David Ervine, PUP MLA,
Monica McWilliams, Women’s Coalition MLA,
Dr Mamoun Mobuyed, President Northern Ireland Muslim Family Association,
Ciaran Campbell, President NIPSA,
Liam McBrinn, Regional Education Officer, ATGWU,
Mark Langhammer, Independent Labour Councillor, Newtonabbey,
Carmel Gates NIPSA General Council,
Brian McEnoy, NAFTHE,
One World Centre (Belfast),
Irish Anti-War Movement,
Ireland Palestine Solidarity Committee,
Kevin Cooper, NI Civic Forum member,
Falls Road Womens Centre,
Des Wilson,
Dave Duggan, Playwright,
Tim McGarry (Da), Michael McDowell (Billy), and Damon Quinn (Cal) from the Hole in The Wall Gang,
Socialist Environmental Alliance (Derry),
Sinn Fein,
Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign,
Tommy McKearney, Fourthwrite magazine,
Socialist Workers Party,
Manus Maguire, community worker Cliftonville,
Colombia Trade Union Solidarity Campaign,
Womens News,
Mary Van Lieshout,
US Citizens in Ireland for Alternatives to War,
Anthony McIntyre, Tommy Gorman, Brendan Hughes from The Blanket magazine, Socialist Party,
Hazel O’Connor, Singer,
Dr John Pinkerton, Queen's University Belfast,
John McCloskey NIPSA General Council,
Diane Rendall NIPSA General Council,
Peter McGarrigle NIPSA Branch 8 Secretary,
Padraig Mulholland NIPSA General Council,
Alessandro Negrini, Film Maker, Derry,
Upper Andersonstown Community Forum,
The Falls Road Forum,
The Falls Road Council,
Relatives For Justice

To add your name or organization to the list of sponsors please contact Davy Carlin.



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26 January 2003


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