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- Hubert H. Humphrey



Guess who?

Davy Carlin
Andersonstown News 8/4/2002

This person refered to black persons as nig-nogs, backed white minority rule in Rhodesia, critised their relative and friend's wife's mother for being a half breed, opposed immigration, and thought blacks (Africans) would not understand how to run their own country - could it be leading members of the BNP?

Was the guardian of her family documents which include their meeting with Hitler in 1937 and also sent a copy of Hitlers Mein Kampf to a friend saying "even a skip through gives a good idea of his obvious sincerity." Getting warm yet?

Put physically challanged relatives in a mental institution and told the public they were dead. Almost got it yet?

Had eighty servants, was worth sixty million, yet got money from her relatives and yet another £634, 000 from the civil lists, but still went four million overdrawn at tax payers expense. Got it now? Well, one final clue.

Her will included a percentage of her wealth to 'her darlings', that's right her race horses. Yet we will be told of a great woman and to bless her wee cotton socks. I need not remind people of her 'greatness' in her attitude and response to Ireland.






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