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"A Letter to Mr Foley"


Matthew Kavanah • 5 September 2003

* Thursday September 4, 2003 the Massachusetts State Senate passed a resolution “calling upon British Prime Minister Tony Blair to hold democratic elections in the North of Ireland.” The resolution was proposed by State Senator Steven A. Tolman (D-Boston) “at the request of the Boston chapter of the IAUC and the AOH.” The following letter was sent in email format to Mr. John Philip Foley who currently serves as the President of the Boston chapter of the Irish American Unity Conference.

Friday September 5, 2003

Mr. Foley,

We met recently, albeit briefly, outside Florian Hall when Gerry Adams was in town to sell Stormont and raise funds for his summer home in County Donegal (or did he neglect to mention any of that?).

I hope his spin and distortion of fact enabled all of the Freak Staters, West Brits and Broy Harriers in attendance to sleep well that night shrouded in the myth that they really are Irish Republicans. It must be nice to blindly follow personality rather than boldly confront and adhere to principle. Gerry certainly has typified the poacher turned gamekeeper and mastered the slave mentality, wouldn't you agree?

To the point: I write to you in response to the resolution passed yesterday by the Massachusetts State Senate calling for the further copper-fastening of an imperialist Brit manufactured line of partition to the proclaimed yet suppressed Irish Republic. Senator Steve Tolman and IAUC/AOH member Dave Burke proclaim the value of democracy and free elections. Funny, but what then happened in November 1918? That was a free and democratic All-Ireland election that returned the first Dail Eireann which convened in 1919. Despite British brutality and murder, the second All-Ireland Dail Eireann convened in 1921 yet was subsequently and violently suppressed by the British government and forces. Since that time, Britain has divided our land and divided our people. The ONLY impasse to peace in Ireland is the continued British presence and involvement in Irish affairs.

This resolution makes numerous references to an entity called 'Northern Ireland'. I recognize no such animal Mr. Foley. There is only Ireland - united, Gaelic and free. For hundreds of years the national integrity and sovereignty of Ireland has been denied by the British Government. It is their venom that has infected the minds of Irish and Irish-Americans such as yourself into thinking that there is such a thing as 'Northern Ireland'. It is that same venom that misdirects attention and makes people think that elections are the impasse to peace.

I am respectfully asking you Mr. Foley, what will it take to show Irish and Irish-Americans like yourself that the GFA is a failure and a mere sellout and return to Stormont, that Gerry Adams and company have abandoned the bedrock principles of Irish Republicanism, that the true and only obstacle to peace in Ireland is the continued British presence? What more proof do you require? What more evidence do you need? Elections are not going to solve the siege of Short Strand. Elections are not going to restore political status. Elections are not going to bring about the proclaimed and fought for Republic.

Brits - Get Out Of Ireland.

Please consider these thoughts before your next actions serve merely to copper-fasten the British stranglehold on our land.

Slan go foill,

Matthew J. Kavanah
Irish Freedom Committee
Boston, Massachusetts
Tiocfaidh ar La. Beir Bua.









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