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Democratise Democracy

Davy Carlin

Democracy, like the Nice treaty, is when - if allowed to vote on an issue - the population vote against the establishments preference and the establishment realizing that they know what is best for you and that you have simply misunderstood by voting against their wishes, will with massive media and endless advertisement grant you another and if need be yet another chance to vote the right way - all for selfish interest.

Democracy is a nation state calling together other states to attack another because of a perception that they may have broken a UN or other such agreement or resolution, while in tandem defending, funding, and arming those who have broken numerous resolutions, laws, agreements etc - all for selfish interest.

Democracy is attemping to show that you are that beacon of democracy and that you will fight so all countries and peoples can be democratized and have the right to elect their leaders, while at the same time - as with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela - attempting to overthrow a popular democratic elected leader - all for selfish interest.

Democracy is going to war to protect peoples from repressive states and when the war is 'won' to close the doors on the refugees you have created or alternatively pull out and leave civil war, division and destruction behind - all for selfish interest.

Democracy is to open up our public services to the free market and profiteers in the 'interest of the people' while at they same time destroying whole economies through massive austerity measures, privatization and forced implementation for leading states' interest. Which has already meant the ever continual destroying of millions of lives - all for that selfish interest.

So on this understanding democracy then is agreeing in principle while destroying in practice.

This is why this week you will see European wide strikes, a general strike in Spain combined with tens of thousands of anti capitalist activists marching against the EU summit in Seville. This is why in the months ahead hundreds of thousands will march and meet around Europe against war, racism and neo-liberalism. Many thousands in the times ahead will also take to the streets of Ireland with hundreds more as before demonstrating with many others at such European meetings. While the television and most of the mainstream media, especially post Sept 11th, will articulate their given versions of these upcoming and continual protests, the reality though is simple. We will continually march against imperialism and war, we will march against racism and the continual scapegoating of the most vulnerable, we will march against neo-liberalism and forced and threatened consensus of peoples and countries, we will march against the repression of our civil and human rights and the oppression of peoples. We will march for a better world, a world not dominated by ruling greed, racism or war but for a world of equality and justice, a world for the majority and not the minority, a world run not for state selfish interest or international ruling interest but for the interest of international peoples.





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A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular.
- Adlai Stevenson

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11 August 2002


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