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98th Death on Hunger Strike in Turkish Prisons


'Solidarity with Hunger Strikers in Turkey' will hold a protest at the Turkish Embassy in Dublin on TUESDAY 12TH NOVEMBER at 6pm to mark the death on hunger strike of Serdar Karabulut. All are welcome to attend. The Turkish Embassy
is located at 11 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge (behind the American Embassy).

Serdar Karabulut dies on hunuger strike

Serdar Karabulut died on Novermber 8th, the 98th person to die in the ongoing struggle against the isolation prisons in Turkey. Serdar started the hunger strike on July 28, 2001, having been imprisoned since 1992. He was tortured while in prison and was severely injured in the prison massacres by Turkish state forces at Buca prison in 1995 and Bartin in 2000.

Since September 2002, he has been held at the Ankara Numune hospital, where he was force fed. Serdar fell martyr on November 8, 2002.

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Another Martyr of the Death Fast in Turkey

Serdar Karabulut, who started the death fast against the ISOLATION politics of the EU and the oligarchy in Turkey on July 28, 2001, fell a martyr in this resistance. Serdar Karabulut was imprisoned in 1992. He was confronted with all kinds of torture of the enemy and he resisted the torture.

He was one of those resisting, when three political prisoners fell during a massacre in Buca prison on September 21, 1995. He was severely injured during the resistance.

After they closed Buca prison, he was transferred to the prison of Bartin. There he encountered the death fast resistance, which began on 20 October, 2000 against the isolation prisons. He supported the death fast resistance with hunger strikes.
During the state’s massacre attacks towards the prisons on 19 December 2000, he was a part of the resistance. He was also injured during this massacre, in which 28 prisoners were killed. After the massacre he was transferred to one of the new opened, so-called F-type prisons in Sincan.

Under conditions of isolation he participated in the sixth team of the death fast in the Sincan F-type prison, which started on July 28, 2001.

In September 2002, he was brought to the Ankara Numune hospital, which was transformed into a centre of torture. Since September he was kept there under the torture of force-feeding. During the entire ten years of his imprisonment Serdar Karabulut was confronted with massacres, torture and repression, and involved in the resistance against it.

The EU is responsible for the torture and repression used against Serdar as well, because it is supporting the state of Turkey.

Serdar fell on November 8, 2002, in the struggle against the isolation prisons of the EU and the oligarchy of Turkey, as a ‘Free Prisoner’ of the DHKP-C.

Long Live Our Death Fast Resistance Against Isolation!
No To The Torture Through Forced Medical Intervention!
No To Isolation!





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98th Death on Hunger Strike in Turkish Prisons


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