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The Death Fast Resistance To The EU And USA's Isolation Cells Is In Its Fourth Year
DHKP-C Prisoners’ Organisation • 14.11.03

On October 20, 2000, about 100 prisoners in the jails of Turkey started a Death Fast to oppose the isolation cells designated as F-Type prisons. The resistance met with a great response in the whole of Turkey. As broad sections of our people began to protest against the F-Type prisons, operations were begun whose aim was to destroy the resistance. State terror was particularly directed at those who carried out protest actions against the F-Type prisons. The aim was to intimidate all those forces of the people which showed solidarity with the prisoners.

As a second step against the resistance, an assault was carried out on December 19 with the aim of massacring prisoners. In this massacre, which lasted until December 22, 28 prisoners were murdered with gunfire, burned alive or beaten to death. But this massacre too failed to destroy the resistance. The resistance became even greater as hundreds more prisoners joined the Death Fast.

While friends and relatives of the prisoners took part in the resistance outside the prisons, the struggle against the F-Types attained a dimension both inside and outside the prisons which extended as far as death. No terrorist methods were able to break the resistance. So the state banned any news about the Death Fast and imposed strict censorship. But as one death after another occurred, the wall on censorship proved to be inadequate. The publicity for the resistance started by relatives of prisoners centred in Istanbul/Kucukarmutlu became greater with every passing day. When people here died as well, this was a sign that the resistance could not be stopped despite the wall of censorship.

The state, which could not crush the resistance, tried to bribe the prisoners with the most precious possession, namely freedom. It began releasing numerous prisoners who were at death's door. But released DHKC prisoners continued their resistance in Kucukarmutlu, Izmir, Mersin and Ankara (a majority of the revolutionary organisations in Turkey took part in the resistance. All the prisoners from organisations taking part in the resistance decided to continue the resistance after their release. But only the DHKC Prisoners' Organisation stuck to this decision after release. Even if some prisoners from other organisations resisted for a short time, they did not pursue this to the end).

Kucukarmutlu became the particular place where family members and released Death Fast fighters continued their struggle. On November 5 and 14, 2001, the state carried out a massacre in Kucukarmutlu in which four of our people were murdered. In this way it sought to undermine support for the resistance among the people.

The state, which could not break the resistance with massacres, repression, censorship and extortion, now banned the right to resist. It was forbidden to carry out a Death Fast and this ban was enshrined in law. In addition, the torture of forced feeding, which was practised since the December 19 massacre, was legalised. This also amounted to a ban on the right to resist.

The resistance continued with martyrs inside the prisons, outside the prisons and abroad. In this, the broadest such resistance ever conducted in the prisons against isolation, nearly half of our martyrs who have fallen have been outside the prisons.

Moreover, more than 500 prisoners have been left with permanent damage as a result of forced feeding, they have lost their memory and become like the living dead. Besides, so far hundreds of our people have been wounded in the prison and Kucukarmutlu massacres or in attacks on mass protests in support of the prisoners' resistance. The resistance is still continuing today.

In the course of the resistance, four governments have taken office and there have been three Justice Ministers.

The only thing that has not changed is the existence of the F-Types, and the complicity of all governments in the F-Type massacre.

The common, shared characteristic of all the new right-wing governments, irrespective of whether they have a left-wing or an Islamist appearance, is that they all pursue a murderous policy in relation to the F-Type prisons and have our blood on their hands.

What all governments in Turkey have in common is that they collaborate with EU and US imperialism.

So no government that comes to power in Turkey has hesitated to shed our blood, in order to put into practice the F-Type prisons, a joint project of the EU and the USA. The EU, USA and the oligarchy in Turkey are trying to isolate and destroy the revolutionary struggle in our country.

The attempt to introduce the F-Types under the slogan of European standards comes from the fact that isolation practices were used in Europe and America against opponents of the system and were successful.

Imperialism does not just use isolation to destroy the extra-parliamentary struggle.

It uses the practice of isolation against all struggles opposing the imperialist system. The embargo against Cuba, the encirclement of Arafat, the Black Lists, the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and the attempt to turn the whole world into a Guantanamo is the current politics of imperialism.

OUR APPEAL TO ALL LEFT-WING AND REVOLUTIONARY FORCES IN THE WORLD: While embargoes, wars and occupation are practised against countries; the Black Lists against organisations and the practice of isolation against prisoners are a common policy of imperialism.

Neither national nor international law is heeded when it comes to putting this policy into practice.

So, just as the law has been used in Turkey to ban the right to resist, an attempt is being made on a world scale to legitimise this policy through UN resolutions and US aggression.

Just as it is unthinkable for the Iraqi people not to resist the occupation of Iraq, or for Cuba not to resist the embargo, or for the Palestinians not to resist the siege of Arafat, it is also unthinkable that there will be no resistance to isolation practised in the F-Type prisons.

The resistance unto death in the F-Type prisons is at the same time resistance to the policies of war, occupation, bans and embargoes conducted by imperialism against the peoples of the world.

The Death Fast is a struggle in which the right to resist, the right to sovereignty in one's own land and democratic rights and freedoms are being defended.

All organisations, associations and persons which stand for national and class struggles should also feel the responsibility to support the Death Fast resistance in the struggle against prison isolation.

In the same way that imperialism jointly attacks the peoples of the world on all fronts, all anti-imperialist forces should unite to conduct joint resistance.


October 20, 2003
DHKC International

Statement by the DHKP-C Prisoners’ Organisation:

We are entering the 4th year of our resistance! The Gultekin Koc Death Fast Team is our banner bearing the slogan “Either victory or death!”

We greet our people in the fourth year of our resistance with the dignity and pride of maintaining our beliefs while in the isolation cells of the oligarchy and resisting for the sake of our beliefs.

In these three years, we have given 107 martyrs inside and outside the prisons. 85 of them have been cadres, fighters and sympathisers of the Cephe (Front), that is, people who have made their stand for the Cephe. We started the resistance on October 20, 2000 together with two other political movements.

The number of political organisations which took part rose following the December 19 (2000) massacre. Since May 1, 2002, we are the ones who have actually continued the resistance (a prisoner from the TKEP/L * is still continuing his Death Fast).

Our comrades have recorded major deeds of heroism under a hail of bombs and bullets, alone, isolated in their cells or in hospitals in the midst of vultures who waited for them to faint so that they could use “forcible medical intervention”.

They have held aloft our banner of resistance up to today.

The story of each and every one of our martyrs is an epic of heroism in itself. All of them have shown great heroism.

All the methods employed to break our resistance have been frustrated by the willpower of our resistance fighters.

But next to these major deeds of heroism, what gives us the greatest sense of dignity and pride is fulfilling our tasks and responsibility towards our people.

That is also what gives each and every one of them their place in history.

In the meantime, everyone has been able to see that this resistance is not simply about “prison conditions”.

From the very beginning, it was more than that.

The F-Type assault is an assault by imperialism and the oligarchy aimed at suppressing and liquidating the people’s struggle.

It is an assault aimed at destroying the idea and the hope of socialism.

For three years we have lived, holding onto our beliefs while in isolation conditions.

We are still defending independence against imperialism, democracy against fascism and socialism against capitalism. We are continuing to resist in order to hold these beliefs high.

Through the use of isolation, imperialism and the oligarchic state have sought to compel us to do the following: “You will change your beliefs, you will think as we wish and you will live the way we want you to”.

Our resistance will last as long as it takes to make this attempt at coercion fail in practice.

The banner of resistance is in the hands of our Gultekin Koc Death Fast Team!

As an expression of our resolve, our 10th Death Fast Team has taken up the banner of resistance on the third anniversary of October 20, 2000, when our resistance has entered its fourth year.

The Death Fast fighters of the (10th ) Gultekin Koc Death Fast Team are:

- Selami Kurnaz, Vedat Duskuner (Tekirdag F-Type Prison)
- Muharrem Karademir (Kandira F-Type Prison)
- Huseyin Cukurluoz, Bekir Baturu (Sincan F-Type Prison)
- Selma Kubat (Bakirkoy Women and Children’s Prison)
- Raziye Karabulut (Kutahya Closed Prison)
- Gunay Ogrener (Usak Prison)

Our eight comrades will start the Death Fast resistance on Monday night, October 20.

We have named our 10th Death Fast Team after our comrade Gultekin Koc, who, immediately after the December 19-22 massacre, on January 3, 2001, carried out a sacrificial action against the police headquarters in Sisli, Istanbul to demand a reckoning for the comrades who had been murdered in prison.

Gultekin Koc is the first sacrificial fighter inside the revolutionary movement.

So, with our 10th Death Fast Team we are once again declaring that, however great the price may be, we will resist isolation and all attempts to force us to change our beliefs and we will continue to live with our hope for revolution and belief in socialism. The name Gultekin Koc stands for self-sacrifice.

We will not even hesitate for a moment to sacrifice ourselves for revolution and socialism and the liberation of our people.

All DHKP-C prisoners are on a 10-day hunger strike!

All our prisoners in different parts of Turkey have started a solidarity hunger strike on October 20 to mark the start of the fourth year of resistance and in support of the 10th Death Fast Team.

The Gultekin Koc Death Fast Team is a repeat of the calls we have been making for the past three years!

If the F-Types are a threat for the entire people, if isolation aims to coerce the entire opposition, then resistance to it is the task of all those who are on the side of the people, who call themselves revolutionaries, democrats, progressives and opposition forces and oppose imperialism and fascism.

Neither the Kurdish nationalists, who in prison keep their distance from the resistance, nor the revolutionary groups and parties and democratic mass organisations who do not put the resistance on their “agenda” outside prison have a just and valid excuse for behaving in that way.

The incoherence of all the excuses they have been using so far has been shown in practice.

Nothing stands in the way of them supporting the resistance.

No current problem can be the reason for not putting the resistance on the agenda.

We see these as backward steps that are not even worth discussing.

Everyone has tasks to carry out in line with their beliefs and strategies.

All our appeals that we have issued in the course of the three years of resistance are not yet “history”, they are not yet buried in the “archives”, they are current and valid.

The workers, civil servants, peasants, small businesspeople, organisations of freelance workers and political movements at all levels of life bear responsibility towards this resistance.

On such a day, when it is the turn of our 10th Death Fast Team to tie on the red headbands, we remind all circles of their responsibility.

Once again we announce that the banner of revolution and socialism will wave in the hands of the DHKP-C prisoners despite our continuing encirclement and isolation. Our people should have no doubt of that.

There is no force on this earth that can overcome our beliefs, convictions and willpower.



* TKEP-L: Communist Labour Party of Turkey-Leninist






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