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Dispose of "Killer Peaceniks" and Distribute Space-Age Prosthetics to the Rest?

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge."
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Karen Lyden Cox • April 20, 2003

Henry McDonald might prove to be correct in his assumption that the Ba'ath "dictatorship is going out of business" in Iraq.

Like the masterminds of Nazi fascism exported all over the place at the close of W.W.II, the prominent war criminals in the Ba'ath Party seem for the moment to have gotten away quite well. Again?

Since many of the two million Ba'athists (as of March) are specialists and intellectuals, and only a minority are believed to be pro-Saddam, it has already been deemed unlikely, and unseemly, that Iraq will be purged of the Party entirely.

Still, Ba'athism toppled in merely one Arab nation of several in which it resides, or not, other leadership cults wearing a myriad of get-ups remain ensconced in power all over the earth.

It follows from reading your opinion, Mr. McDonald, to ask the questions: who should be invaded next -- with more of the same which you excuse as a "brief but conventional conflict" -- and by whom?

Your exiled Iraqi friend, Mr. Khalid Ibrahim, was understandably emotionally jubilant at "watching his fellow countrymen and American Marines pull down the statue of Saddam Hussein in central Baghdad", but what has that got to do with guarantees of freedom and liberation for the people of Iraq?

In all fairness to Mr. Ibrahim, you should ask his opinion of the "Al-Chalabi dynasty", and of 'His Excellency' Mr. Ahmed Chalabi.

You express anger at what you perceive as Irish anti-war groups' "arrogant dismissal of facts on the ground in what was once Saddam's torture chamber."

Then perhaps you will not arrogantly dismiss Iraqgate and the facts on the ground, and precisely how Saddam's statue got to be there.






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21 February 2003


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