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Eire Nua

Sean O Lubaigh

The blame game continues on in the Belfast battlegrounds as to who is at fault in the recent flair up of Loyalists attacks. The ugly fact remains that nationalist people are being brutalized and terrorized as the loyalists lay siege and try to cut off isolated areas such as in the Short Strand community. We all hear the same old tired patronizing lines from the politicians of all ilk that “there needs to be an end to the violence”; “ WE must restore calm”; “ WE must build trust”, what good are words under a petrol bomb barrage and blast bomb attack?! The reality is on the ground, not in Stormont, Leinster House, Westminster or Washington.

Provo Adams and McGuinness met with Tony Blair to address and strategize on the violence and to reaffirm the future of the flawed Good Friday Agreement. The most telling quote coming from those meetings was from Adams` (as reported from the News Letter) “The (British) government has to …ensure that no one thinks there is any alternative to the Good Friday Agreement or the changes it contains”. This is outright deception and treasonous collusion against the Irish people the world over by the Provos and their collaborationists. To take the people down the path of legitimizing partition and occupation, which was created by the Brits, and the recognition of their puppet government’s legal and moral authority to rule is unconscionable. All in the context that no alternatives to the GFA are out there, they wish to deceive the people.

There are realistic and viable alternatives such as Sinn Fein Poblachtact’s “Eire Nua” Political Manifesto in the creation of an All-Ireland Democratic Socialist Republic in a four province federal set up. Why do Adams and Blair wish to silence the Eire Nua proposal with the help of all the main stream capitalist profit hungry media on both sides of the Atlantic? You draw your own conclusions.

Now is the time for offensive action by Sinn Fein Poblachtact to hammer home the “Eire Nua” plan as the alternative to the Good Friday Agreement which can lead the way towards a peaceful solution. It sure has not been too peaceful looking as the Good Friday Agreement is rammed down our throats. With a desire to suppress our message in the media or the use of visas by the U.S. government to deny Sinn Fein Poblachtact members from coming into the U.S. to gathering support for “Eire Nua”, it only serves to make Republicans more determined than ever to break the chains that would bind a nation.




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Why do you necessarily have to be wrong just because a few million people think you are?
- Frank Zappa

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23 June 2002


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