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“I don’t get why conceding your opponent’s premises and fighting on his turf isn’t the sure-fire prescription for irrelevance and ultimately obsolescence.” - Bill Moyers

Eoghan O’Suilleabhain • 13 November 2004

For permissible progressives like Maureen Dowd of The New York Times the recent election of George W. Bush means among other things a return to the use of leaches in US healthcare. Such melodrama makes the usual front pages here only because it’s easily dismissed as laughable by simians like Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly on Fox News.

And still within the confines of what will be considered acceptable debate Bill Moyers gets to wonder aloud on corporately sponsored public television why the Democrat Party hasn’t been more of a contender than it is. As a general rule radical analysis won’t be given much or any space in most advertising based print or electronic media such is the nature of system supportive propaganda in so called free market democracies. But it’s not hard to give it a go yourself.

For instance, in the rain forests of northwestern United States there lives a species of snake called the rubber boa constrictor. It defends itself by waving its head shaped tail fooling its adversaries to bite there to their detriment. The power elite in the US function pretty much the same way periodically waving the Democratic Party in front of voters getting them to foolishly choose it rather than smash the head or just leave it alone.

Now a lot of snake bitten people are despondent over Shrub getting the nod rather than his fellow Skull & Boner John Forbes Kohn (aka: Kerry) who as Gore Vidal said looked like Lincoln after the assassination. Had John Kerry got the nod he’d have only done a better job than Shrub in carrying out his evil policy twin’s policies. After all, the US is an oil-based economy under Democrats or Republicans. Heads or tails, it’s still the same snake.

Had Kerry been elected we’d be marching on to Tehran rather than being bogged down presently in Falugia. Worse, all the faux liberal anyone-but-Bush types would be apologizing away for Kerry’s Cambodian like conflagration into Iran. At least as things turned out they will not likely cheer lead Shrub for doing that.

In fact, Kerry’s loss will do a better job re-galvanizing the anti-war left everywhere than his win would have. So you see hope does spring eternal.

However, word has it there have been over 200,000 American hits on the Canadian immigration web site since the election. And one poor fellow has even committed suicide at Ground Zero because of the Machiavellian re-coronation of this nasty little Yankee Prince despite all the previous light shed on his past death warranting, stock swindling, draft dodging & deserting. Bush’s alcohol and drug abuse was clearly the least of it.

But enough teeth gnashing! Remember 1972? Nixon & Agnew won 49 out of 50 states in their re-election bid. The war in Southeast Asia was in full blossom and Watergate was openly festering away. And still those two bums beat George McGovern, a real live pro-labor progressive who was a genuine war hero to boot!

John Kerry had nothing on McGovern and Bush couldn’t hold a candle to Tricky Dick. Yet Nixon and Agnew were chased out of office within two years of their 1972 landslide. Why? Not for their Christmas Bombings of '72 or their not so secret War in Cambodia or their illegal overthrow of Salvadore Allende in 1973 but for taking bribes and getting caught covering up the burglary at Democratic Party headquarters.

This is a nation of values all right, screwed up values. Like Noam Chomsky said: “Nixon going out on Watergate was like Al Capone going out on tax evasion.” How else could a transparent fraud like Bush get away with pretending to be Christian? Ask any so called Christian: “Would Jesus have signed all those death penalty warrants?” “Would Jesus have ripped off his shareholders?” “Would Jesus have invaded Iraq or Afghanistan?” Watch the blank stares. Then ask yourself why John Kerry didn’t ask Bush any of these questions among others?

Yet watching John Kerry give it up so quickly like a virgin on prom night
reminded me of how nonetheless satisfied a pragmatic Chinese Communist is when he loses out to a Hardliner in some Communist Party struggle because well at least a fellow Communist has won. Therefore, expect that Kerry will continue to support Bush in the US Senate all in an effort to (ahem) heal the nation of course.

Too bad in a sense because the Electoral College vote isn't until next month and with the unraveling of potential voter fraud as procured by Diebold election machines there is always the possibility of faithless Electors (as in many elections past) giving Kerry the constitutional nod.

But don't hold your breath. That’s not likely to happen and even if it did the only plus might be Conservative Republicans successfully demanding the dismantling of the Electoral College like they did in 1969. Otherwise, John Kerry would just have been a sugar coated Bush. Poison for progressives and death for dark skinned people abroad all the same. At least with Bush his foul smell will keep most of us awake and that’ll be a good thing.






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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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15 November 2004

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