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Of Lesser Imps and Demons

Let it be understood by all those reading this document that we will no longer tolerate the divisiveness and disruption brought about by N-AIM or any similar entity. We have begun the process of doing whatever is necessary to maintain the integrity of the American Indian Movement and the struggle it represents. Anyone considering themselves an ally, supporter or advocate of indigenous rights will respect our position, and respond accordingly. - AIM

Eoghan O’Suilleabhain • 24 August 2005

Once again the usual suspects at N-IFC have been out and about smearing the names of good Irish people.

What a crying shame because Joe Dillon of Boston, Frank O'Neil of Chicago, and Evelyn Morgan of New York have been dedicated Irish Republican activists longer than John McDonagh has been alive!

Back in January of 2000 up in Yonkers, New York at the IFC's AGM Board Meeting, open talk was had on expanding the IFC's traditional funding mission of just supporting Cabhair (a subsidiary of RSF) to funding dependants of all anti-GFA Republican POW’s.

John McDonagh argued for the traditional point of view of continuing to support just Cabhair while Frank O'Neil of Chicago argued for the progressive point of view of expanding the IFC's funding mission.

Concern was also voiced about the apparent exclusive agency relationship IFC had with Cabhair (RSF) possibly being in violation of the federal Foreign Agency Registration Act (FARA) which was the criminal law NORAID was convicted of in the early 1980's to which the founders of IFC sought to be in compliance with by expressly announcing in their Charter of Organization that IFC would have no foreign principal (i.e. boss).

John McDonagh assured everyone present that as much as he admired and respected Ruairí O’Brádaigh, he didn't take orders from him. But despite these assurances, the majority of the Corporate IFC Board democratically voted, as it was legally entitled to, to expand its funding mission in an effort to take a leading role in unifying the anti-GFA Republican Movement and to show the world that it indeed had no foreign principal.

Soon after every one went home, John McDonagh called up several people who voted in the majority and "fired" them.

Older and wiser than John, these long-time dedicated Irish Republican activists simply ignored his ultra vires ranting.

And when presented with documentary evidence (which was dated just prior to the January 2000 AGM) that he did indeed take orders from RSF in violation of the IFC Charter, he did not respond to this but instead reorganized his New York IFC Chapter, along with some individuals from New Jersey and Pittsburgh, under the new banner National IFC ---no doubt aware of the legal hot water they could get into by stealing the IFC logo.

Ever since he and others have engaged in continuous lies and smear campaigns to the press and else where alleging that the IFC Progressives were kicked out of the N-IFC (an organization to which none of them ever belonged) for violating its newly minted charter of funding only Cabhair (RSF).

Talk was had about suing him for this, but cooler and wiser heads prevailed concluding if he and his small band of supporters want to be the exclusive Friends of Republican Sinn Fein support group, then good luck!

But unfortunately John et al can't let bygones be bygones. He even went so far as to blame the victims by naming names to a New York newspaper of those Irish Republicans he "expelled" from his organization in what was clearly a guilt by association (with David Rupert) assertion, a man whom he himself associated with for over three years and introduced to other IFC Chapters thereby infecting them too.

He has even shown up uninvited at a Jericho Political Prisoner Rights rally in New York City and tried to prevent IFC Secretary Deirdre Fennessy from speaking there about all Irish political prisoners. Thankfully he was sent away at the door by Jericho staff after they phoned Belfast for a reference check.

Questions therefore have to be asked: why does he do this and whom does it help because one could infer an evil intent from these circumstances.

And just look at the damage done by the so-called National American Indian Movement to the American Indian Movement.

Such divide and defame anecdotes are legion and will always be the stuff of controversial First Amendment politics, all the more reason why we don't need to be playing these kinds of games with each other ourselves.

Anyone considering themselves an ally, supporter or advocate of Irish indigenous rights will respect our IFC position, and respond accordingly.





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