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Democratic Killers

Fred A Wilcox • 21 March 2005

Robert McCartney's sisters and his fiancé are obviously deeply caring human beings that are determined to bring his killers to justice. Could anyone find fault with that? I'm absolutely certain that if someone harmed one of my children, I would never rest until the perpetrator paid for his crime. I would hope that, given my belief in nonviolence, I could avoid seeking revenge. But who knows what anyone will do when their heart is broken by the loss of someone they love.

So, while I understand why the McCartney family might accept George W. Bush's invitation to visit the White House on St. Patrick's Day, 2005, it made me sad to see these good people enter the house where torture, assassinations, murder, preemptive wars, and other atrocities are plotted every single day. Watching the media swarm around the McCarthy family made me think of all of the children who have died horrible deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan since Mr. Bush took office. Listening to Mr. Bush's righteous pontificating, I also remembered Carla Fay Tucker, just one of the many inmates Mr. Bush sent to the execution chamber when he was governor of Texas. Carla was young and hopped on drugs when she plunged a pickax into a man's head. The media portrayed her as an unrepentant, irredeemable, evil monster, and the state of Texas sentenced her to die.

But while she waited in a cage for the racist and corrupt state to kill her, Carla was transformed into a remarkably intelligent, compassionate, beautiful human being.

So changed that, appearing on news programs, she exuded kindness and love. Appeals to spare Carla's life poured in to the governor's office from around the world. The Pope asked George W. Bush to spare Carla, the prison Chaplin married this condemned woman, and for a brief moment it appeared that Mr. Bush might listen to reason. Carla Fay Tucker knew she would never be released from prison. Still, she wanted to make a contribution to the world, to make amends for her crime, and to help other young kids who might be riding the fast track to prison.

Acting in the name of the state, in the name of God, and as God, Mr. Bush denied all appeals for clemency for Carla Fay Tucker. The state took Carla into a brightly lit room, lashed her to a gurney, stuck a needle in her arm and watched her suffocate. Asked whether he found state-sponsored murders disturbing, Mr. Bush replied that he slept quite well on the death dates. After all, African Americans, Mexicans, and poor whites sentenced to death had been "tried by their peers," and therefore justice prevailed.

I have no idea if Robert McCartney's sisters know about the fate of Carla Fay Tucker, and I'm sure that they visited the White House in good faith. I just hope that they and their supporters realize that Mr. Bush and friends are Fascists who, if they could figure out how to do it, would arrest every man, woman, and child who struggled so hard, for so long, and with so much courage to drive the British out of Ireland. After rounding up thousands of Irish citizens, Bush and company would send every former and present member of the IRA, every former and current member of Sinn Fein, and every other current or former member of any group or organization dedicated to reuniting Ireland, on a one-way cruise to the Gulag. Like prisoners at other islands of torment run by Mr. Bush and company, those who dared to resist British imperialism would be kept in isolation cells, tortured, and driven mad in the name of defeating terrorism and in order to spread peace and freedom and democracy throughout the world.

The American people made the McCartney family welcome, and showed them compassion and genuine hospitality when they visited here. Unfortunately, when the media smells blood, it swarms about the wounded person or persons, jamming cameras into their faces, posing them for photographs, jostling and pushing, shouting sound-bite questions that show just how misinformed or uninformed journalists often are these days. Watching the media exploit the McCarney sisters, I could not help but wonder why there was no great outcry when loyalists murdered Rosemary Nelson. Why hasn't the American media condemned the British for lying about the murder of 14 innocent people in Derry on Bloody Sunday? Why don't we read about the Finucane family's valiant struggle to force the British government to admit its collusion in the murder of solicitor Pat Finucane? Why hasn't the media sent reporters to the N. Ireland to investigate, and to write indignant articles about the many attacks on Nationalist and Republicans since the signing of the Good Friday agreement? Why, year after year, decade after decade has the American media chosen to portray the struggle for peace and justice in N. Ireland as a simple-minded fairy tale?

My heart goes out to the McCartney family, but I hope they do not believe that a cabal of right-wing fanatics in Washington, D.C. know anything, or care one wit, about real justice. The killers in the White House are on a worldwide homicidal roll. People who resist this ideological blitzkrieg will be intimidated, accused of being terrorists, jailed, black listed, disappeared, and murdered. The McCartney family have every right to demand justice, but they will never find it in a mansion stained with the blood of innocent people in Iraq, Columbia Guatemala, El Salvador, Columbia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, and N. Ireland.














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22 March 2005

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