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Fred A Wilcox • 19 August 2005

Ever since the Colombia 3 surfaced in Ireland, pundits, editorialists, and politicians have competed to see who could write or say the stupidest things. For example, "The Colombia 3 are fugitives from justice in Colombia." How can one be a fugitive from something that doesn't exist? Were the Jews who rose against Nazi killers in Warsaw, Poland, breaking the law? If Jews and their friends in the resistance had managed to rip up the tracks leading to Auschwitz and other concentration camps, would they have been guilty of destroying property belonging to the Third Reich? Or take the case of the Vietnamese-napalmed, saturated with Agent Orange, their villages destroyed, their jungles turned to dead wood, their children turned into drug addicts and prostitutes. Were the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese violating international law when they fought to save their country from total destruction?

Apparently, George W. Bush and friends are going to throw a terrible tantrum if Ireland fails to return the Colombia 3 to die in South America. If I were Bertie Ahern, which I'm not of course, I would agree to Mr. Bush's demands, but only after the United States releases all of the twelve thousand prisoners it is holding in Iraq; only after the U.S. stops torturing prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Cuba; and only after Mr. Bush ends the occupation of Iraq, gives up the idea of arming the heavens (Star Wars), and announces that he does not want to design and deploy a new generation of atomic weapons.

Once these demands are met, I would insist that Colombia disband its death squads, jail right-wing paramilitaries who have murdered thousands of innocent people, and create a judicial system that is fair, impartial, and free from corruption.

"Those who harbor terrorists," say Mr. Bush and company, "support terrorism." In that case, the resident in the White House is one of the world's most ardent supporters of terrorism. He and his supporters have tried to terrorize the Cuban people into overthrowing their government. They have attempted to terrorize Iraq into becoming a client state in the American empire. They support dictatorial governments that terrorize their own people in Egypt, Pakistan, China, and parts of Africa. They have attempted to terrorize the American people into accepting their violent assault on our environment, claiming that destroying old-growth forests, poisoning our air and food supplies with mercury, drilling for oil and gas in pristine countryside is, in some perverse way, essential to winning the "war on terror." They have used fear to intimate opponents of their fanatical, anti-conservative, agenda, implying that anyone who dares question their program for the world is unpatriotic and, quite possibly, supports terrorism.

One of the most absurd arguments for extraditing the three Irishmen who escaped from Colombia is that if the Irish government fails to do so, it will be condoning terrorism and undermining the peace process in Northern Ireland. As an American citizen living under constant threat from lunatics who want to kill my children in order to create a better world, I strongly object to this ridiculous argument. Instead of focusing on three men who managed to avoid being murdered in Colombia, the United States and Irish governments ought to look closely at attacks by loyalists on Catholics in Belfast and other communities. Rather than trying to contrive comparisons between the IRA and Islamic fundamentalists, (the last time I looked. Osama bin Laden was not a spokesperson for the Provisional IRA), those who claim to care about peace and social justice in the North of Ireland might want to find ways to jail gangsters who profit from selling death to Irish children.

People who call for the extradition of the Colombia 3 are entitled to their views, but please don't try to bolster your arguments by quoting one of the most violent, intolerant, dangerous men in the world. Mr. Bush lied about the war in Iraq and he continues to lie while increasing numbers of American soldiers come home in body bags or suffering from serious wounds. In Crawford, Texas, Cindy Sheehan has been camped out for nearly two weeks just down the road from Mr. Bush's ranch. She wants to meet with the commander in chief to ask why he sent her son, and the sons and daughters of other mothers, to die in Iraq. Mr. Bush is on vacation, fishing, bike riding, watching movies, apparently too busy to meet with a grieving mother who is pleading that this useless, unnecessary, un-winnable war in Iraq end now.

The resident in the White House has no right to demand that Ireland extradite three of its citizens to a country that terrorizes its own people. Mr. Bush does not have the moral imperative to ask, let alone to order, other nations to concede to his wishes. Let's hope that the Colombia 3 will be a wakeup call to the Irish people. G. W. Bush, the emperor without clothes, believes that he has the God-given right to expand the American empire. Ireland is just another pawn in his grandiose vision of a world run by and for and about a super wealthy American oligarchy. Fortunately, he does not speak for ordinary American people, even though the media, here and in Ireland, would have us believe that is the case.









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29 August 2005

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