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State Dept. Flip Flop
to Offset Cory?

Irish-Americans Wonder



Sean Mc Manus, Irish National Congress • 2 April 2004

CAPITOL HILL. April 2, 2004 ---- Was the extraordinary flip-flop by the State Department on Northern Ireland really all about offsetting the awful revelations of the Cory report, Irish-Americans are beginning to ask.

"Many of us have been trying to find a rational, logical explanation as to why Dr. Reiss would suddenly reverse the U.S. position of balance and evenhandedness -- by his recent partisan outburst against Sinn Fein and his siding with the security forces, spy agencies and police of Northern Ireland. And it simply made no sense," said Father Sean Mc Manus, president of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus.

"Now," he continued, "we are wondering if it was not all about damage control -- about preparing the ground to offset the terrible revelations which the State Department surely knew the Cory report would contain, and which would vindicate Sinn Fein's position on the police, security services, British intelligence and British government -- while at the same time exposing the State Department's naivete about the police of Northern Ireland."

"What better way to dilute the Cory report and to defend the police than to launch a frontal attack on the credibility of the main critic of the police, Sinn Fein?" asked Fr. Mc Manus. "I hope to God, I'm wrong but Cory has shown the world -- what informed Irish people already knew -- that governments and police can do very bad things. Look at how the FBI tried to destroy the U.S. Civil Rights Movement."
















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5 April 2004


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