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2005: New Years Statement from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement

Francis Mackey, National Chairman, 32 CSM

New year is generally a time when people make a lot of resolutions. One of mine is to continue to build a strong alternative to British rule in Ireland and to uphold the sovereignty of the Irish people.

I would just hope that the British government would realise how genuine republicans really are when we say lasting peace on this island is a priority and that the true obstacle to peace is the continued denial of Irish National Sovereignty.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement at every opportunity has focussed on the peaceful alternative to British military rule and we will continue to put the case before the United Nations to have the rights of the Irish people protected.

The republican base expects us to protect and uphold the sovereign position and understand the damage done to it under the Belfast Agreement. They understand this aforementioned Agreement has delayed the day when Irish men, women, Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter can live side by side in peaceful harmony, free from the sectarian politics that are offered under Stormont.

It is abundantly clear such an agreement cannot deliver anything whatsoever, let alone upholding the right of the Irish Nation to freedom. The Unionist veto has again been secured and implemented.

On the issue of policing the PSNI/RUC have not changed and remain unacceptable to the nationalist community. They are unacceptable because they are a sectarian force upholding and protecting the illegal sovereign claim of a foreign government.

It will not matter who joins this corrupt force, their history and their future cannot deliver equal and impartial policing, rather they are a political armed entity imposing the will of the British Government, assisted when it is deemed necessary by the army of occupation. This will never be acceptable to the Irish people who live under such a threat of force.

The British government's agenda, assisted by the establishment parties to the agreement, is one of normalisation. Its aim is to feed our young people the 'normality' of British rule. Fortunately this new generation are not so naïve, and see very clearly the injustices of British interference in Irish affairs.

More and more young people are looking to republicans for direction and as part of our development, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement is well placed to give such leadership, with a clear analysis of the problems that have led to conflict.

I would encourage our young people to organise themselves in a positive way to debate the direction the republican movement must take to counteract the undemocratic nature of British rule in Ireland and I am always pleased as are the members of the National Executive to attend any self organised groups to outline our position. We are proud of our democratic approach which recognises the differing and valid views across the republican base.

That is why we are the only organisation with a peaceful alternative through our challenge at the UN, and it is because of this the British and Dublin governments have moved with draconian laws to stymie our progress.

Of course this will fail like all previous attempts because republicans and the Irish people generally know that the issue of National Sovereignty will come up again and again until it is effectively addressed.

Is it not better to address it now rather than impose continued sectarian suffering on our people?

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement faces the challenges of 2005 from a sound base, a true analysis and the confidence to confront when necessary the evils of British rule.

Finally, I call on the British government to relinquish their illegal sovereign claim immediately, to allow the Irish people their democratic right to National self-determination and I further call on the establishment parties to stop hiding behind British legislation and to uphold the sovereignty of this proud nation by supporting our challenge at the United Nations

They can begin by ensuring that the designation in America, which has us banned from travelling there, is lifted. Also recognizing that moving the issue of national sovereignty forward would bring an end to all conflict.

I would extend to all political prisoners our solidarity and best wishes at this time and pay tribute to all our activists for their dedication and commitment.

Best wishes to you all and your families for 2005.




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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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7 January 2005

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