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Why Ireland is Unfree; Continued

Chris Fogarty

MICHAEL McKEVITT is in Portlaoise Prison for the last two years awaiting a Brit-type, non-jury trial. Ireland’s Justice officials evidently know what everybody else knows; that the RUC, British Army Intelligence, MI5 and Chicago FBI converted an IRA property damage bomb into the Omagh massacre, and because they know it they cannot charge McKevitt with it. Instead, they have adopted a clever ruse: they have charged McKevitt, not with murder of the Omagh innocents, but with Directing the Real IRA (RIRA). They then get Ireland’s news media to add “The RIRA bombed Omagh” to all reports of McKevitt’s impending trial. Thus, though the gov’t cannot charge McKevitt with that crime, it fosters the belief that he will be convicted of it. McKevitt’s wife, Bernadette, was arrested along with him; but being a sister of internationally-revered Bobby Sands (RIP), the smears necessary to frame an innocent would hardly adhere to her. She was soon released, uncharged.
At first glance McKevitt appears to be facing a Soviet-era show trial; but it is far more: it is the latest of a series of MI5 crimes that began in Chicago over a decade ago. Michael McKevitt has been framed by the self-same MI5/FBI criminals who framed me twice and wrongfully charged and incarcerated my wife Mary and me by similarly coordinated felony crimes. Here’s what happened in Chicago.


THE WARNING came from FBI Agent Joe Doyle. He informed Mary and me that some of his fellow agents were bribed and subverted by MI5 and planning “dirty tricks” crimes against us to stop our human rights and media watch work for the Occupied Irish. (MI5 evidently fears truth-tellers more than funders of the IRA, as it never attacked Irish Northern Aid.) Though Doyle spent a few hours describing the forms of MI5’s bribes and much other detail we ultimately doubted him and his warning when, despite the absoluteness of his Oath to uphold the law, he said there was nothing he could do to stop the crimes. Later, he proved too fearful of his fellow agents to testify that he had warned us. The proven accuracy of his warning of impending crimes now alarms us - as he has more recently re-contacted us to warn that the FBI will murder us if we continue to expose their crimes.

THE LANGERT FAMILY was massacred in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka a few weeks after Doyle’s first warning. The murder weapon was FBI agent Lewis’ 357 Magnum; the shooter was 16-year-old David Biro. Local detectives met and each wrote on a card the names of possible suspects and placed it onto a pile. The cards contained only one name; David Biro. Also, a detective had spotted Biro near Langerts’ home the night of the murders. He had previously shot others with his BB gun and poisoned a carton of milk in his own family refrigerator. His ambition was to be a hit-man.

FBI AGENT PATRICK “ED” BUCKLEY promptly arrived and took charge. He ordered investigators away from Biro and sent them on nationwide pursuits of phantom perpetrators, particularly the IRA. As head of the Chicago FBI’s new “Irish Terrorism” unit, Buckley was the leader of the MI5-bribed traitors about whom Doyle had warned us. During the six months that Buckley shielded Biro, Biro would impress his classmates by taking them on tours of the murder site. They kept mum. Agent Lewis never reported her gun, the murder weapon, missing.

CORRUPT NEWS MEDIA personified by TV anchorwoman Carol Marin in my case, abetted the MI5/FBI criminals the same way they abetted the Omagh perpetrators - by blaming it on the RIRA and, by extension, McKevitt. Within days of the Langert massacre Buckley got Marin to announce on prime-time network TV that “the IRA are linked to Langert murders.” When I phoned her the next day to learn the basis for her “scoop,’ she told me that her source was “an FBI agent.” When I asked her how she had met her responsibility to verify it she said she had not done so but had accepted the uncorroborated word of the FBI. She never issued a correction; and the rest of the news media parroted her lies.

BUCKLEY THEN FRAMED ME. Having gotten the news media to do to me what it has been doing to McKevitt, Buckley took his next step; he inserted into a signed police murder investigation report “my” words that doubly nailed me. Of all of Earth’s population, “my” info could be known first hand by nobody but the murderer and the first investigators on the crime scene. I was headed for Lethal Injection; but Buckley didn’t arrest me - yet. It suited MI5 to wait; as memories fade, while murder has no Statute of Limitations. Besides, his protégé Biro’s blabbing was becoming problematic; it eventually demolished Buckley’s frame-up of me. Nobody other than Biro was ever arrested for these crimes, and he was arrested only after fellow students informed police of his plan to rob the local bank and murder its entire staff.

BUCKLEY’S 2ND SERIES OF CRIMES were against my wife Mary, two others and me. He began them soon after Biro demolished his previous attempt to have me executed. He falsely arrested us and incarcerated us in the Federal Correctional Center at Clark and VanBuren streets. We barely bonded out after three days and spent the next fifteen months defending ourselves with seven attorneys. We were doomed had we been poor. We eventually proved in federal court that the FBI’s only evidence against us, an audiotape, was a criminally altered version of the original demanded by the judge.

BUCKLEY’S AGENTS PROVOCATEUR are scum; all four of them abetted his Chicago crimes. Besides their crimes for MI5/FBI, all but one are embezzlers, all but another one have criminal records. Against us Buckley used Rupert and Bostonian ex-con John Tuttle. It was established in court that Buckley paid Tuttle according to the nature of his reports about us; the more sensational the more pay; inviting fabrication. After Mary noticed Tuttle’s odd behavior we accosted him but a heavily armed gang soon entered. We went home and I faxed reports of the criminal raid to local newspapers. The next morning an FBI gang broke into our house with drawn guns; one of five such terrorist attacks. For more than a year Buckley Obstructed Justice by extracting Tuttle from Chicago area lock-ups and quashing the charges (for auto theft, drunk driving, breaking the noses of two different women; the first with his fist and the next against the windshield of the car he crashed while driving drunk, etc.). Buckley stated in federal court that the last he heard of his witness Tuttle was that he had stolen a car in Chicago and crashed it in Minnesota.

DAVID RUPERT; LIFE-LONG FRAUDSTER from upstate New York, was the fourth agent provocateur on Buckley’s payroll. His record is the lengthiest and most sordid of all. He is a four-time bankrupt; not of Chapter 11 or 13 involving repayment, but of Chapter 7 (in which creditors get nothing and the debtor walks away free). Rupert has hundreds of creditors none of whom got a single penny back. His signed statements on his bankruptcy documents are perjuries. For example; on documents of three of his bankruptcies he attests that his total income over seven years was $4,800 (on which he maintained three expensive cars, and homes in NY and Florida!). He thus illegally failed to declare as income the money he defrauded from his creditors and spent. Omitted from the list of creditors due to their poverty are dozens of truck drivers whose withheld taxes and Social Security Rupert embezzled instead of forwarding it to their IRS accounts. He is on his fourth wife. One reportedly works in a massage parlor. His third bankrupted upon divorcing him. He testified that he bankrupted only once but we possess documentation of four. He falsely testified that his bankruptcy was caused by one of his trucks’ involvement in an accident but his bankruptcy filing predates that accident by two weeks. When the buyer (at $45,000) of his Massena house handed Rupert a $30,000 check to duly clear its $30,000 mortgage (thus clearing its title for transfer), he cashed it instead and kept the $30,000. During his brief employment with B&W Trucking he embezzled it of $800,000; a crime abetted to date by the FBI.

Upon coming to Chicago and working for Buckley he surreptitiously set up a Friends of Irish Freedom (FOIF) web site fraudulently soliciting funds from the public into his P.O. box at 41st & Halsted. During this time, Buckley was sending him to Ireland on behalf of MI5. Ultimately, Buckley’s Chicago crime pattern (including attempted murder, fraud, perjury, tape evidence fabrication, criminal insertion of words into a murder investigation report signed by a subordinate, obstruction of justice, etc.) continued in Ireland, abetted by Rupert and used against McKevitt and others. Rupert’s life of fraud was never as rewarding as his current complicity in MI5/FBI crimes. This is the man The (London) Times described as “..a heroic American just doing his job.” Since January 1, 2001 MI5 has reportedly paid him £27,500 per month. Immediately after the Omagh blast he was reportedly summoned away from it to England by MI5 who gave him and his wife large sums of money and tickets to the US and Grand Cayman. Rupert didn’t commit the crimes alone; Buckley was with him in Ireland much of the time. Since Omagh, Agent Buckley’s criminal colleagues got the IRS to accept $25,000 in settlement of Rupert’s tax lien that may surpass $1million. A separate $multi-million MI5 reward reportedly awaits Rupert’s “testimony” against McKevitt. By this means I summon US law officers to arrest these perps for their Chicago crimes. Readers: please contact your congressmen to demand Due Process of these treasonous terrorists.

EXTENT OF MI5’S CONTROL. Mary and I sent preliminary evidence of the MI5/FBI crimes together with our demand for Due Process to every level of Chicago law enforcement and Justice up to and including US Attorney General Janet Reno. Chicago police sympathetically told us; “The FBI are worse than the old KGB but we can’t do anything about them except increase the frequency of patrols around your building.” It took months for Reno to write us that she had forwarded our allegation of FBI crimes to the FBI and that the FBI had investigated itself (without our full evidence or our testimony!) and found itself innocent. Likewise, Taoiseach Bertie Aherne has falsely denied on TV that MI5 and the FBI operate in Ireland.


MI5’s CRIMES IN IRELAND are nearly identical repetitions of their crimes against Mary and me in Chicago. They differ only in that their Chicago crimes are already documented. In both jurisdictions FBI agent Buckley headed MI5’s “dirty tricks” gang. In both jurisdictions Buckley’s gang is involved in massacres to be attributed to persons pre-targeted by MI5. In Ireland it is Omagh w/ Rupert, in Chicago it was the Langert massacre w/ FBI agent Lewis’ 357 Magnum. In both jurisdictions, MI5/FBI perpetrated crimes against the public and law-abiding republican supporters. In both, MI5/FBI used accomplices with criminal records. In both, MI5/FBI furthered their crimes by getting corrupt news media to disinform the public and demonize their targeted victims. In both, Buckley’s accomplice is prepped to testify as if he and Buckley are law upholders instead of what they are. In both, Buckley $rewards his accomplice. In both, the size of $reward varies according to how sensational the story is. In both, Buckley commits/suborns perjury through his accomplice. In both the FBI uses the IRS for criminal purposes. (The IRS falsely charged me with a tax liability on my IRS-exempt El Salvador salary and eventually robbed me, while after Omagh it wrongfully forgave nearly $million in taxes Rupert owes on his criminally-gotten loot.) In both jurisdictions, MI5/FBI created audiotape evidence. In both, the State illegally withholds Discovery Documents vital to the defense (but eventually released to us enough to enable us to prove FBI’s felonious tape tampering). In both, the State failed to apply Due Process to MI5/FBI criminals even after their guilt became common knowledge. By getting the news media to demonize me (and McKevitt) using “my” words to frame me, Buckley could reasonably expect that a jury would believe signatory (and Buckley accomplice) police officer John Fay over me, the “IRA hit-man murderer of the Langerts,” but the murderer’s boasts saved my life. Where is Biro’s equal in McKevitt’s case? Can it be the English news media who broke the Fulton/BritArmy Int involvement in the Omagh massacre, or Rupert’s reports to his MI5 handlers of his Omagh involvement, or the Omagh RUC’s “losing” of the bomb warning tape and “losing” of their warnings logbook after corralling the public into the blast instead of dispersing them off high street. Or Is Biro’s demolition of MI5/FBI’s case against me equaled in McKevitt’s case by the 9Jan03 news reports that the Crown has bribed Kevin Fulton into silence?

THE FUNDAMENTAL LIE underpinning MI5/FBI crimes and the Irish gov’t’s complicity in them is “IRA Terrorism.” The carefully covered-up truth is that while Irish and British forces each killed approximately the same number, the Irish attacked enemy combatants while the Brits murdered Irish noncombatants. Child-murder is the essence of terrorism. Of the 173 child-murders since 1968, Brit forces perpetrated all of them but 20. For comprehensive details see Despite the huge preponderance of Irish murdered by Brit forces, readily verified in published compilations of conflict-related killings, the Irish gov’t pretends that it is the Irish who are the terrorists. The Brit perpetrators of the Dublin/Monaghan bombing (34 killed, 320 maimed), the McGurk Pub bombing (15 killed, ten maimed), the Omagh bombing (29 killed, 300 maimed), Bloody Sunday (14 killed, 16 injured) and essentially all of the other murders are fully identified, but the Irish gov’t winks at them all - refuses to prosecute. Despite this readily available record, in McKevitt’s case the draft judgment attributes “terrorism” to Irish republicans instead of to the actual, British, perpetrators. The Court then uses that false attribution to deny McKevitt the discovery documents to which he is legally entitled for his defense. Had Chicago Federal court done likewise the evidence that FBI agent Buckley fabricated would never have been caught and Mary, two others and I would spend the rest of our lives in prison. If Ireland’s Dept. of Justice legal findings incorporate such blatant falsehood in something as fundamental as the identity of the terrorists, then Irish justice is a criminal farce, a Quisling operation. English newspapers have already reported that “Kevin Fulton” worked for Brit Army Int. while involved in the Omagh bombing. Rogue Chicago FBI agent Ed Buckley and his David Rupert were reportedly involved in Omagh for their MI5 handlers. Omagh’s RUC, warned that the bomb was on its 400-yard-long high street, herded the public along that street toward the bomb instead of dispersing them into side streets. They don’t allow the public to hear the warnings tapes and claim their warnings logbook has “gone missing.” The queen awarded George Crosses to Omagh’s “hard-of-hearing” RUC but not to the RUC officers who acted upon the warnings in the five previously bombed towns. Thus, Omagh’s perpetrators and abettors are well known, and they are not McKevitt.

BRITISH BRIBERY and subversion are central to these crimes. FBI agent Doyle was specific about MI5’s bribes.

MICHAEL McKEVITT might not get a fair trial in Ireland. Even in “The Land of the Free” our lawyers (we had to fire one) were defending us against Agent Buckley’s fabricated charges by nibbling at the edges and mulling a plea bargain, though they did force the gov’t to yield the Discovery Documents. When Mary and I handed our key lawyer proof that the FBI had massively “doctored” the evidentiary tape, he exhibited chagrin instead of elation. To him, incontrovertible evidence of FBI crime was a frightening “hot potato.” But it did result in scientific confirmation of massive evidence tampering by the FBI. Therefore McKevitt lawyers, insist, like our lawyers did, upon getting all of the Discovery Documents without which, in Chicago, MI5/FBI’s crimes would have prevailed. Also; our documentation of MI5/FBI/Buckley/Rupert crimes is just as available to you for McKevitt’s defense as our case-winning data were to Federal court in Chicago. I am also willing to testify, as is Mary. This exposé may prove just as unwelcome to you for the same reason; it is dangerous to expose gov’t terrorists. Nevertheless, I urge you, Mckevitt’s lawyers, to look to your integrity and to summon your courage. Risk your status and “respectability” within the corrupt system by upholding Truth and real justice. Corrupted Ireland is sunk deeply in bribery, official extortion, betrayal and cynicism - it is even complicit with British mass murders of its own people. Help to resurrect it! Honor its Founding Fathers’ sacrifices and those of so many more recently, including the Sandses and McKevitts. Seize the moment! Demolish the fundamental Lie: Tell the court who the terrorists are - the child-murderers. Reveal the body count. Remind the court as to who arranged the Omagh massacre. MI5/FBI criminals are also stupid. Only through judicial and news media corruption can they prevail.

CALL TO ACTION! Readers: please phone US Senators Dick Durbin (217/492-4062) and Peter Fitzgerald (217/492-5089) and demand that they arrest FBI Agent Patrick “Ed” Buckley and his entire gang including David Rupert. They must face justice for their terrorist crimes here and in Ireland. Then phone me (312 664 7651) their responses to you. Get your family, relatives and friends to do likewise. Contact me by phone or Am preparing an expanded version of this, footnoting and documenting each of the above charges.





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26 January 2003


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