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Glory O Glory O
Kathleen O Halloran • 23 September 2003

Each morning I leave for work about 6.45am and travel down the M2 with no one but Terry Wogan for company. I travel through the town of Toome on both my outward and city bound journeys. In Toome there is a lamp post which has a double sided bill board. The outward message reads 'When those who make the law break the law in the name of the law, there is no law.' There are no flags or painted kerb stones in Toome, and on your way out of the town there is a sign on the wall which says, 'All we ask is equality.' In the evening on your way back through Toome the other side of the bill board reads, 'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible also make violent revolution inevitable.' Weighty thoughts indeed.

The town of Toome is typical of most nationalist towns and villages throughout East Antrim. It is also typical of areas like West Belfast. There are no flags flying in West Belfast, Bellaghy or Portglenone. But that is only half the picture.

Lets visit Ballyduff or Monkstown. On entering Ballyduff the first thing you see is a black painted wall with the inscription UVF the army of the people. The whole place is decked out in flags of all sorts. The best town of all is Ballyrobert. From the beginning of the town right through the main street and out the other end of town there is a great array of flags. Union jacks, white flags with red crosses and the red hand of Ulster, and blue flags with white x's. All the kerb stones are painted red white and blue and many homes along the roads have their flag and flagpoles out. So much so that one can tell just by looking at the town who inhabits that place and what their politics are. One town flags and kerbs painted the next nothing, and so on. A bit like now you see it now you don't. Funny really if it weren't so intimidating.

How come unionist people are flying their flags and marking their territory while those of us who live in Sinn Fein controlled towns and villages do not? It feels as though we are being plucked clean of all things Republican. Maybe we need to do this in order to become respectable to our unionist neighbours. Flag free areas, Armani clad politicians, republicans administering British rule, and career republicans jostling for positions in a British administration. Its all a bit much for me really, I feel traumatised as if I have been ethnically cleansed.

Still this picture is sure to change coming up to election time, if we ever get one. It would be expedient to be a republican during election time. Who is that in the car with the loud speaker - the shinners. Whats that song they are playing there, I know that tune. Glory O Glory O to the bold fenian men. Votail Sinn Fein, nah I don't think so.











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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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26 September 2003


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