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Letter to the Irish News

Tommy Gorman • Tuesday April 8th 2003

A Chara

Me thinks Sean Oilibhear protests too much. (Irish News April 5th) It would seem that no adverse comment on Sinn Fein policy or lack of policies is acceptable. His letter positively bristles with indignation referring to my analysis as diatribe or vitriol.

In respect to his unwillingness to engage in a protracted debate or whatever through the letters page; why does that not surprise me? Open and frank discussion would be alien to many like Sean. Their ‘struggle’ consists in the main of constant one way attempts to convince an ever-decreasing republican support base of the elegance, beauty and integrity of the emperor’s new clothes and reconcile the irreconcilable.

I will finish off by asking Sean to ponder the following conundrum. Throughout our recent history and beyond Sinn Fein and the Movement in general has been a pariah to the U.S., British and Irish Governments. We were informed that we required a period of quarantine and intensive house training before our representatives would be allowed to the top table. Well suddenly Sinn Fein are not only at the top table but tucked up snugly in bed with their erstwhile enemies. What has occurred to allow for this sea change? There are two possible explanations.

(a) The Sinn Fein leadership has convinced the three administrations on the moral and economic validity of a secular socialist republic for the Irish people and the triumvirate are working with the Shinners to bring this about.


(b) To gain the illusion of power Sinn Fein has abandoned all embarrassing radical socialist tendencies and are now part of a right wing coalition that offers no threat to the socio-economic status quo or hope to the ‘people of no property’.














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