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Christmas In The "Holy Land"

"To be silent in the face of injustice is to be an accomplice to evil. I will not be silent."
- Lori Berenson

Margaret Quinn 15.12.02

I received my first Christmas card today. It contained the message; "May your heart and home be filled with love and peace during this festive season, and throughout the New Year".

My thoughts turned immediately to the "Holy Land", and I reflected on the kind of "peace" Palestinians - both Christian and Muslim - are "enjoying" this festive season, as Israel's brutal, overlong and illegal occupation of Palestine not only continues, but intensifies daily.

I thought of the, over 2,100, bereaved families, whose loved ones, including children, have been killed by Israeli Military Forces, since September 2001. Their "festive season" will by spent grieving, as will a further 500-plus families who have lost loved ones, again including children, due to IDF blockage of medical assistance.

I thought, also, of the 22,000 Palestinians wounded, many maimed for life, by Israeli soldiers; and of the 19,000 Palestinian prisoners, arbitrarily detained, tortured, and denied any family visits, or compassionate leave, even should a child or parent die. How "festive" will their, and their families, Christmas be?

And what of those left homeless, or without an income, as numerous homes, and countless acres of carefully tended agricultural land and orchards, are demolished daily to ensure the "security" of illegal Israeli settlers/colonisers?

No doubt, the interminable curfews, movement restrictions, denial of Palestinian children's education, checkpoints, etc, will continue, strangling not just the Palestinian economy, but all aspects of Palestinian life.

And I thought of, and almost wept at, the UN's lack of action in the face of Israel's blatant, daily breaches of over 80 UN Resolutions, International Law and the Geneva Convention.

Surely, the very least it could, and should, do is immediately deploy an International Peacekeeping Force to the region, as called for by such reputable Jewish Peace Groups as Gush Shalom and Not in My Name, as well as the Palestinian people.

Maybe then at least some Palestinian hearts and homes could be "filled with love and peace during this festive season, and throughout the New Year".



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The Blanket - A Journal of Protest & Dissent



Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.
- Hamilton Wright Mabie

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15 December 2002


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