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US Nationwide Irish American Rights Group holds 2004 Convention In Belfast

Sean Mc Aughey • 31 May 2004

Irish American Unity Conference (IAUC) National Board members, Carol Russell and Dr Fred Wilcox, booked into a South Belfast guest-house last week, ahead of the IAUC's November convention in Northern Ireland to evaluate costs and assess suitable neutral venues for the annual event.

The IAUC's 2-day program in Ireland is the organisation's first convention to be held outside of America and when asked why, Russell said, "The IAUC is discouraging any political party rhetoric during the Belfast convention. We hear Irish Politicians regularly in America she said, and our organisation wants to hear from the people on the ground and obtain their recommendations for positive movements forward."

Russell said, "The IAUC is inviting all community groups to contact us. We are encouraging participation from the fullest local spectrum to what she described as "an IAUC from the heart program". Our goal she said, is to provide an opportunity for people from all sections of the community and political opinion in Northern Ireland to speak openly at an open forum."

The Irish American Unity Conference (IAUC) advocates "the end of British colonial occupation"and the peaceful reunification of Ireland describe the program's agenda as "focussing on the implementation of all the elements of the Good Friday Agreement and on Collusion."

Further details or enquiries Contact Carol Russell ( Jim Gallagher, by e-mail at ( or by telephone via the IAUC 1-800-947-4282.

IAUC Convention, Belfast : November 12 -14 2004
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