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Free Tali Fahima - an anti occupation activist in the Israeli prisons


Iris Bar • 12 January 2005

Dear friends:

We were happy to find that you published in your newsletter about the Palestinian women political prisoners - and between them the anti occupation imprisoned activist Tali Fahima.

I'm sad to tell you that on Sunday December 26, 2004, Tali Fahima was indicted in a Tel Aviv District Court on the following charges:

"Assisting the enemy in wartime"; "passing information to the enemy and for the latter's benefit", "contact with a foreign agent", "illegal possession of weapon", "supporting a terrorist organization", and "violating a legal order."

These menacing charges, which if "proven" can lead to a sentence of years in prison, are based on the suspicion that Tali translated and explained the contents of an IDF document to activists with the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades in Jenin Refugee Camp. The document, left behind by the IDF after a military incursion into the camp, detailed an operation aimed at assasinate the "wanted" men named in it - e.g. that if Tali really DID it she saved men's life, and pervented a war crime...

Tali is imprisoned since August 9, in isolation - 2 of the 5 monts she spent in GSS interrogation, during the first month of interrogation she was sexually harassed, deprived of sleep, deprived of food, and cuffed too tightly. During this "interrogation" the GSS officers tried to "turn Tali into a good Jew" (in their words), to convince her there is no occupation, and refused to tell her what she is suspected of. After her interrogation failed to garner incriminating evidence that could stand up in a court of law, she was placed under administrative detention (arrest with no due process) for a period of four months. There, in a civilian women's prison, she was subject to the abusive treatment of guards, who were the only people with whom she was allowed to have contact other than her mother and her lawyer. Kept in solitary confinement one out of the three months, she was denied cigarettes, shampoo, toothpaste, books, letters, etc. One month before her administrative detention was due to end she was transferred to GSS custody once more. Beginning on December 5, 2003, she spent three weeks in "interrogation" during which time she was handcuffed to a chair, deprived of sleep, denied use of the toilet, and medical treatment.At the end of this "interrogation," Tali Fahima was indicted on the charges outlined above.

During the last hearing of the trial (that was posponded, as usual) Tali complained at her detention conditions - She said that as she is kept all the time in isolation, denied from phonecalls, (and as half of the period she was denied from family visits). She even didn't knew about the hearing untill she was waken in the morning and taken to the court... We are afraid that as she is the only Jewish anti occupation political prisoner in the prison, the prison authorities consider to keep her in solitary all her time in...

More information about Tali can be found at:

We will be greatfull if you will publish her case in your website

On Behalf of the Solidarity committe with Tali Fahima,

Iris Bar




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14 January 2005

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