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Imperialism It Is

Davy Carlin • April 2003

At times one manages to find a little time to reflect while on the other hand one takes time out as the need to reflect is of necessity. It is the combination of both of these situations that has found me some time to pen a few words about the ongoing war on Iraq.

As I watch continually the double speak, the sound bites, the directed mis-information, the fabrications, the hypocrisy and even the down right lies in the frontal battle for hearts and minds in the 24 hour televised war I was moved again to pick up a book I had read a few years back, Ireland and the Propaganda War written by Liz Curtis. While the content of the book provides much information about the British strategy in relation to the war of propaganda within Ireland it is a book that can draw many lessons as to the way an occupying force will operate inside or outside its own definition of its own laws with propaganda playing a leading role.

This war on Iraq is portrayed as a war for freedom and liberation, a war against a brutal dictator and about destroying weapons of mass destruction. Putting aside the issue of Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, India etc. and putting aside the fact that the US armed and funded Saddam etc, liberation and freedom from the head of cruise missiles raining down and slaughtering women and children to many would seem an unusual way to bring about ‘democracy’ . Yet this is not about ‘bringing democracy’ but about ‘imposing it’, that is the US brand of ‘democracy’ in these situations, albeit for US selfish interest. Hundreds of civilians, women and children in Iraq have been liberated to date, liberated to their graves in the cause of that US imposed ‘freedom and democracy’, while the blood soaked hands of imperialism continues and is already looking to Syria and Iran and others to attempt to complete the ‘Game plan’.

As a peace activist against this war it drives home to me that the increasing unilateralism of the US and its increasing drives to war combined with its dismissing of international agreements and laws is the real threat to this world. People may find it bizarre that the US believe that this war on Iraq (and no doubt with wars on other states on their mind) will in fact bring stability to the world.

Yet I do not think that they (the US) really believe that it will deliver a safer world ‘for all’ but deliver ‘for them’ a continued unparalleled, military, economic and political position that will fend of any states in the years to come that might be knocking on their door for a piece of that domination. Have no doubt they will have mainly US firms reconstructing Iraq and dealing with the oil industry, they will give loans and demand privatisation and the following of a strict neo -liberal agenda in return - all for the benefit of US economic interest. They will then ‘impose’ their own ‘regime’ quite possibly a US administration (therefore an occupying force unilaterally administering another nation state) despite the talk of democracy and their talk of international law, and then eventually to ‘place’ those who will follow US dictate into governance as they have done previously in many, many other countries.

Sometimes they will use a veil of democracy if it necessitates sometimes not, but always for the benefit of US political interests. And of course the stationing of US troops and military hardware there in Iraq for many years to come, again for US strategic interest as a part player in the protection of that domination. This they believe will be reflected in their dealings with and indeed within other countries, thus sending a clear message to others that they are the only show in town and no one should step out of line. This line dictated not by the international community but themselves, although trying in voice to bring them on board if it really necessities but if needs be to go it alone outside of agreed consensus or law - as that US selfish interest has and will dictate above any and all agreed international laws or agreements if they so desire.

Many people have a clear understanding of this. That is why many millions have taken to the streets against this war including many who have not protested before. And although such protests delayed their war and gave others the strength to oppose it they went ahead any way against the will of the people and against both international law and much of the international community. Yet the voice of protest needs to grow and upcoming international days of actions are planned were our voices will be louder and our actions more forward, to send a clear message that this war is wrong and to make them think before they embark (which they want to do) for a further carve up of the world for their selfish interest. If one looks past the propaganda one will find that quite simply that this war is not done in the name of democracy but in fact done in the name of, and in the cause of, old fashioned Imperialism albeit within the 21st century.


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21 February 2003


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