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It Is But Institutionalised Collusion

Davy Carlin

The development and indeed in part the stabilization of post conflict situations has shown on many occasions that slight elements of the truth battle to emerge despite a huge force weighted against it. It comes from various quarters as in the case of Pat Finucane with the issue again becoming a focus and highlighted recently through both an investigative documentary and supported by investigative journalism. Yet for many years this issue amongst others has been raised and battled for against established barriers set up and placed against it for obvious reasons.

Fundamentally this is not an issue of only nationalist concern, as perceived and wanted to be perceived by such forces against change and justice. This is an issue for human and civil rights, an issue in fact concerning the very fabric of democracy within our society as a whole. It is an issue of a state and its departments whom are supposed to serve and protect its civilians, which then has in fact lied, covered up, deceived and colluded with others in the targeting, sanctioning and murder of many of those very civilians.

This, put in a recently historical context, was done in South Africa which showed a similar situation of support, collusion and indeed their then regular active participation in the murders of its civilians. Yet as also with the case of Stephen Lawrence three scenarios initially developed when the state and its departments came under increasing scrutiny by wider society. Firstly they increasingly attempted to isolate the situation upon individuals, renegades, corrupt persons etc. Secondly they engaged in the political agenda of discrediting all concerned in relation to the issue addressed against them while closing ranks with the acknowledged code of silence or mapped consensus. While thirdly they gave a public show of participation with the private mindsets of non participation, so leading to non co-operation, mislaying and misleading of evidence and facts or in this case the actual destroying of the evidence itself.

So when many look objectively, not only at the Pat Finucane issue but at numerous others combined with shoot to kill through to the sanctioned murders of many civilians and are then told by persons that this was just a few corrupt officers, it is then both an insult to the memory of those murdered and to peoples intelligence even to suggest such. The call also from the obvious quarters not to acknowledge such a situation along with increasingly manufactured and developed issues to attempt to sidetrack the issue of concern is historically an initial part reaction in defence of positions concerning state questioning on its involvements and I believe it will intensify in this situation.

Yet the question here to be answered is not whether or not there was state involvement but how high up the ladder it actually went. It is becoming even more obvious that not only did various state departments have knowledge and indeed involvement but also key and important figures knew of the situation.

This being the case, the then activities or lack of was driven from the top down, so in effect then from an institutionalised mindset of the usage of collusion within the state departments as a whole. This then raises an even greater question, that this situation means not only is the collusion institutionalised within the departments but the very nature of those departments bring in elements which raise very serious questions within key government departments and circles right up to the highest echelons.

In effect this is an issue basic to democracy and democratic governance of a state to its peoples. As a close relative of Terry McDaid stated on the Panorama programme, ‘they have all the answers'. And so they have. I believe we may see more of the hidden past materialise as time goes on despite the barriers against the truth.

If the government and the state have nothing to hide then let the truth roll out. If not as is usually the case then it will have to be dragged and battled out. People call for an international public inquiry. This will have its limitations and as past history and indeed the present show barriers will still be erected against the truth coming to the fore. Nevertheless many people from 'both sides' of our community would like to see such an inquiry and demand it as a right especially in the light of the ongoing developments. Yet until we achieve a final solution to this problem we need also initially to attempt to put in the mechanisms so that this institutionalised collusion finds it more difficult to rise it head in force again against its own people.



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Why do you necessarily have to be wrong just because a few million people think you are?
- Frank Zappa


23 June 2002


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