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International Conference Misled by Sinn Fein


Francis Mackey, 32CSM National Chairperson • 17 August 2004

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement challenges Sinn Fein MP Pat Doherty’s speech at the second International conference on, “Self determination, the UN and international civil society”, where he states that agreeing measures within the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) can bring all outstanding issues to definitive and conclusive closure.

Having addressed the 1st international conference on national self-determination in Geneva I challenged the British MP G Kauffman in attendance to submit to our challenge via the UN as to the legitimacy of British interference in Ireland and the continued denial of national self-determination to the Irish people.

His response was that the British government did not need to submit to such a challenge because the Dublin government have never challenged or opposed the British sovereign claim in the north and went on to say the political parties including Sinn Fein had signed into agreeing this through the GFA and at that time were actively administering British rule in Ireland.

I don’t need to take a British ministers word for it because it is clearly stated in the GFA. Indeed Pat Doherty and other leaders of Sinn Fein openly admit the GFA is a denial of the Irish people’s right to national self determination, even though they signed away that right and in doing so usurped national sovereignty.

In his speech Pat outlines our history and how partition has failed and how the wish of the Irish people in 1918 was pushed aside with the threat of terrible war.

Perhaps Pat fails to understand the contradiction of accepting the GFA and defining sovereignty, which is lodged at the UN with the Declaration of Independence.

No authority has changed since 1918.

By implication he is stating that Sinn Fein have violated national sovereignty along with all the other parties who accepted and signed the GFA.

It is clear the GFA negotiations were preconditional on British sovereignty not being up for debate nor was Irish national sovereignty debated and protected.

At that time I opposed Sinn Fein’s entry into negotiations, which did not protect national sovereignty. I was subsequently suspended from the party because I chose to stand by the Declaration of Independence of my country.

I appreciate Pat accepts in his speech this was the last time the Irish people freely voted as a nation.

Therefore it stands to reason that he should see the GFA and referenda are violations of Irish national sovereignty and now puts us in the position whereby the British are saying to the world that the Irish people accepted partition from day one.

The referendum in the 26 Counties the parties including Sinn Fein, actively canvassed for the proposal to drop the territorial claim in preference to the imposed British claim.

In his speech Pat asserts the right of the Irish people to national self- determination without external influence is in accordance with international law.

Is he now asserting that the referenda on the GFA with external British influence were held contrary to international law?

Surely he must now accept the logic of his own position that that is the reality.

I challenge Pat Doherty to at least be honest with republicans when he clarifies these contradictory messages coming from the Sinn Fein leadership.

I further challenge him on what authority does Sinn Fein call for an alliance with the British government and a section of the Irish people to work against another section of the Irish people whilst he condemns a similar alliance as the means by which partition was and is maintained.

The only position the British government have here is to remove themselves from the internal affairs of a sovereign nation and leave no conspiracy against one section of our people or another.

In conclusion I call on the leadership of Sinn Fein and all the parties to the GFA to remove themselves from it and revert to the defence of Irish national sovereignty at the UN lodged by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement in 1998.

The road to peace is best described by Padraig Pearse at the graveside of O’Donovan Rossa, “Ireland unfree shall never be at peace”.







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19 August 2004

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