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Iraq. Palestine. Give Your Support

Davy Carlin

An important meeting will take place in the Unemployment centre Donegal St Belfast on Wed 20th Nov at 7.30pm (next door to the John Hewitt bar). The topic will be on the issue of the likely coming bombing of Iraq and the repercussions to Palestine and the surrounding areas.

The speakers will include Feilim O'nAdhmaill - Ireland Palestine Solidarity Committee (IPSC) Ann Fitzpatrick - Belfast Anti War Movement (AWM) and Brian Kelly - Socialist Workers Party (SWP).

We have seen recently a demo of almost one million in Florence against the coming war and four hundred thousand marching in London against war and for justice for Palestine. We shall see in the coming times a vicious and bloody war in that region which will have repercussions for Palestine. Around the world people will be demonstrating against this and Belfast should be no different with rallies and marches. I urge all to attend.




















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It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.
- Arthur Calwell
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14 November 2002


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Iraq. Palestine. Give Your Support.
Davy Carlin


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