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Forensic Evidence 'Interfered with' in Case of Tyrone Men


J Sean Burns, Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association • April 29, 2004

Ahead of the trial due in Belfast on Thursday 6th May, the defence team for a Tyrone man arrested along with 3 others at the scene of an alleged RPG22 rocket launcher find near Coalisland in February 2002 are convinced that forensic evidence has been interfered with.

There are apparently two instances which are of cause for concern; firstly photographs of the scene are purporting to show that strict forensic guidelines were ignored. Rather than showing the scene of the event along with items in situ, they clearly prove that the items have been removed from the scene, bagged and only later photographed. Secondly the defence counsel are alleging that officers in the case are attempting to remove all links between the accused Kevin Murphy and missing Armagh man Gareth O'Connor. Murphy along with others are asking for a thorough independent investigation into the possibility that O'Connor was acting as a state agent and led them to their arrest in dubious circumstances.

The allegation of tampered evidence is a mirror image of the Martin Brogan and Mark Carroll incident, 2 County Down men who were released this year after it was proved in court that not only were forensic procedures ignored but British Army personnel had intentionally planted evidence in order to secure convictions and cover up the role of an informer who was later spirited out of the country. Another man, Seamus Doherty from Derry was also implicated in the same operation and is likewise protesting his innocence.

IRPWA spokesperson Martin Mulholland stated that "what we are seeing here is quite obviously a trend" he went on that "the comparison between the Brogan and Carroll case, and that of the Tyrone four is startling and can only lead us to the conclusion that this is a systemic, institutionalised conspiracy on behalf of the state to put innocent people behind bars". He finished by saying that it was with some irony that "Sinn Fein have for some reason remained tight lipped in all of these affairs even though they are happening on their own doorstep - yet they feel it necessary for Catriona Ruane to travel half way round the globe to prove the innocence of the Columbia 3".

















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3 May 2004


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