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Anyone But Kerry

James Davis • 12 November 2004

Tara La Freniere whinnies on behalf of the "liberal left" about the "soft minded decisions" made by her compatriots in electing Bush one more time to the White House. But rather than blaming the majority for their failures its really time that the liberals (who are anything but left) reflected on how they ended up, for the second time round, with an unelectable dissembler running for the highest office in the land.

To my mind Americans chose the only candidate they could have. Kerry's defeat was inevitable and because liberals and self deluded democrats (who are anything but liberal) refuse to take on the burden of responsibility for the fiasco they have instead gone hunting for someone else to blame. Last time round it was Ralph Nader, this time its a veritable shopping list. The fundamentalists, the red necks, the amorphous working class who dont know their own interests, even when its explained to them by liberals. Katha Pollitt, the insuferable republicrat from the shameless Nation magazine, had the nerve to blame youth in general for not rolling out to the polling booth to vote for Kerry, who has missed no oppurtunity to harangue youth culture from the floor of the Senate and who would happily send the young to die in Iraq so as not to appear 'soft' on terror. At least Bush knows how to have a good time.

La Freniere is right about the ills of the contemporary scene but she is slightly confused on the details. This is a generalised problem among self identifying liberals. Bush is a right wing lunatic surrounded by neo fascists: the likes of Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Cheney and the liberal favorite Powell have a long history of service to empire, criminal conspiracy , mass murder and the rest. But so do Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry. Kerry's candidacy was itself an anti democratic imposition by Clinton and Terry McAuliffe, boss of the Democratic National Committee. His platform, what there was of one, was a mirror image of Bush's. He distinguished himself primarily on the issue of the deficit, something the American people have repeatedly expressed no interest in.

The elimination of the deficit was a shibboleth exploited well by Clinton to convince conservatives that he wasn't a tax and spend liberal. Unsurprisingly Bush doesnt have to worry about convincing conservatives of anything. He can just bash gays, and get Kerry to join in. Liberals forget how exactly Clinton got elected. Bush Snr's vote was split by Ross Perot, who took 13% putting Clinton over the top. Four years later the Republicans, quite happy with Clintons destruction of welfare, genocidal attacks on Iraq and his careful neoliberal architecture projects globally ran the old crock Bob Dole against him, ensuring his

That is key to understanding why the liberals in the US are the serial losers when confronted by republicans. They detest and fear their base while the republicans embrace theirs. Kerry did not have one idea, not one, that could be regarded as progressive or liberal. He was against gay marriage (as if homophobes would vote for this dilletante aristocrat from New England), for chasing down and killing terrorists, for the death penalty, against welfare, for 'winning' the Iraq war (with the help of the foreign legion and the luftwaffe), against universal healthcare (market fundamentalism in all things), the sorry list goes on and on. He is to the right of even Bill Clinton which might explain why few liberals actually tried to argue for him rather than against Bush.

What exactly they were expecting to happen is a mystery. Liberals and progressives sabotaged the anti war movement to allow Kerry run a pro war campaign, the social liquidation unfolding in Iraq now can be creditied in part to these efforts. La Freniere and her double thinking pals should consider how they got duped again by a right wing clique within the democrats and why they went out and tried to fool everyone else with this pathetic charade, one more time, only to be remined by joe public why they are mistrusted. Chosing to ignore the facts about Kerry is their fault.






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15 November 2004

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