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Easter Message
"A lick of the Oglaigh Stick"

Jimmy Sands

The leadership of Oglaigh na hEireann extends fraternal (and sisterly) greetings to republican activists, donors, supporters, sponsors, friends, charter members, friends of friends, and platinum club members at home and abroad.

On this, the 87th anniversary of the Easter Rising, we commemorate all of those who have given us their lives for Irish freedom (o.n.o.).

We extend solidarity to the families of our fallen comrades. In particular, we extend our solidarity to the family of our comrade, Volunteer Keith Rogers, who died while defending the Republic at Cullaville petrol station on 12 March. We also remember at this time those who attacked the Republic on this occasion. Precisely what we will be extending to them need not be specified at this time, but a switch from unleaded may be on their horizon.

We extend solidarity to our imprisoned comrades and their families. The movement will not cease to campaign for their release, save where an election is imminent.

We commend the commitment and discipline of most of the Volunteers of Oglaigh na hEireann.

We remain committed to our republican objectives, the establishment of an Irish Republic, as outlined in the Proclamations of 1916 and 1998.

The root cause of conflict in Ireland is partition and the denial of self-determination to the people of Ireland, together with the suspension of Stormont.

All parties to the conflict have a role to play in bringing conflict to an end. For most parties that role is unconditional surrender.

For our part, we have demonstrated our commitment to creating a just and lasting peace through the maintenance of our cessations and through a number of significant initiatives.

It is not possible, at this moment, to give a definitive comment on ongoing developments, but an anonymous statement on behalf of a paramilitary organisation should surely be assurance enough for anyone.

On Sunday 13 April, an Army statement said that we had shared concepts, a light supper and draft elements on a range of issues with the British and Dublin governments. We gave our attitude on:

. the current disposition of Oglaigh na hEireann and the status of our cessations,

. our future intentions,

. our attitude to re-engagement with the IICD and engagement in a process of putting arms, including our own, beyond use,

. a third act of putting arms beyond use (fourth if you count Cullaville)

. security at petrol stations

. our position on Ireland's Eurovision entry

. the war in Iraq (time permitting)

We also made it clear that we had then closed on a statement after internal consultation.

The following day a finalised statement was passed to the two governments and leaked to the Sunday Business Post.

We stand ready to issue that statement in due course. The statement confirms our intention to make an announcement about the nature and timing of a declaration about the status of a proposed communique.

We continue to monitor events very closely. We are furthermore considering a proposal whereby we would start to monitor them extremely closely.

There has been much anger and annoyance among republicans at the media spins and leaks over recent days that have attempted to misrepresent our position. We are determined to improve the quality of these in future.

We know that the majority of republicans have not seen the statement that was passed to the two governments. We know that the majority of republicans will accept that and not bellyache about it.

We ask people to remain patient. We know that republicans will understand the sensitivities of the current situation. We remain willing to visit personally any republican who does not understand the sensitivities of the current situation in order to ensure that they do.

We will speak for ourselves at the appropriate time. We will not speak for ouselves at the inappropriate time.

This is a period for republicans to remain resolute. This is not a period for republicans to remain irresolute. Should such a situation arise, republicans will be informed of the fact.

The onus remains on the two governments and the political parties to fulfil their obligations and commitments. We are responsible for nothing.

pp O'Neill
Caribbean Irish Republican Publicity Bureau




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21 February 2003


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