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Kevin Cunningham • 21 April 2005

The accusation of "informer" is probably one of the worst insults that can possibly be levelled at an Irish republican. If one was to ask a genuine republican which would he/she prefer to have uncovered in his/her immediate family, an informer or a paedophile, there would most likely be a steward's inquiry. Both grotesque creatures unfortunately inhabit a similar sphere of utter loathsomeness. The indelible shame at even being linked to either simply through ties of kin is capable of causing utter shame to descend upon a family for generations. Not to mention the implicit physical danger in being simply accused of either activity. Both are creatures traditionally held in republican circles to be beyond the very pale of humanity who deserve to be hunted down and ruthlessly dealt with. Both terms are generally hissed through clenched, angry teeth and followed by shivers of involuntary revulsion. Collaboration with the enemy is on a moral par with child sexual abuse in some republican circles, and similar angry emotions are aroused whenever either abomination rears its head.

Therefore those Sinn Fein councillors who levelled the accusation of being a tout at their former party colleague (and now independent republican) Martin Cunningham in the chambers of Newry and Mourne Council not too long back did so in the knowledge they were levelling an extremely serious allegation against him. Martin Cunningham's crime - in their eyes - was to have met with and expressed support for the sisters of Robert McCartney in the days following their brother's vicious murder.

At a subsequent meeting of Newry and Mourne council Sinn Fein representatives, led by that renowned Camlough raconteur and bon-viveur Pat McGinn, ambushed the treacherous Cllr Cunningham and repeatedly bellowed the deadly accusation "INFORMER", whilst at the same time copies of a newspaper interview Cllr Cunningham had given following his meeting with the McCartney family were distributed throughout the council chamber - cellotaped to walls and none too discretely adorning the seats. His treachery was there for all to see, he WAS the guilty man.

His words of comfort for a grieving family seeking justice and his definition of those who carried out the murder as simple criminals had placed him in McGinn's and Sinn Fein's eyes among the ranks of the utterly despised, the lowest of the low. And we all know how informers are commonly dealt with (I believe an old Lower Falls phrase is "a shillings worth behind the ear," or some such delicately put epithet).

That is of course unless the tout is a poor innocent builder/family man/victim of a securocrat conspiracy from Andytown, in which case Robin Livingstone leaps screaming to his least long enough for him to plan his escape to Tuscany and spend his hard earned cash.

Councillor Cunningham could probably be forgiven for being a little perplexed a few days after his ordeal when Gerry Adams MP basically said the same as himself and told people they should pass on information about those who had carried out the brutal knife murder. Strangely enough although Pat McGinn and his council colleagues were present at the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis only a day or 2 after Gerry committed his act of treachery, they did not storm the stage denouncing Gerry as a tout. Nor did they storm out in protest. That's because what all intelligent republicans know is that there is, obviously, a huge difference in what Gerry said about Robert McCartney's murder and what Martin Cunningham said.

Martin Cunningham is an honest man who meant every word sincerely.

Martin Cunningham is not and never was an informer.

Perhaps Cllr Pat McGinn and his colleagues simply reacted with a knee- jerk rather than opportunistic spite and malice. This is generally what happens when you let a bunch of...well...bollockses, as they say in S Armagh, do their own thing rather than repeat a simple mantra such as "securocrat support...blah, blah," at a docile reporter. Obviously they didn't benefit from the good guidance of their council colleague and Stormont MLA, Conor Murphy, who must have been busy elsewhere. Just where was Conor when Pat and the boys were making a holy show of themselves? Well it has just been revealed (see latest edition of Sovereign Nation) that the boul Conor has been having secret meetings with senior PSNI personnel in Newry and Mourne council offices.

But before anyone starts hissing the word informer, even, or "dirty collaborating turncoat scumbag," I'm sure they were firmly told that Sinn Fein will be playing no part in their colonial policing set up, and that Sinn Fein will never collaborate with the forces of the British crown, patrolling the roads of God's Own Country, South Armagh, in British uniforms carrying British guns. I'm sure that's the case, aye, surely.

And there's no better man to spread this message around the doors of South Armagh than Cllr Pat McGinn himself. He is eminently qualified to do so. Pat McGinn just happens to be the Biggest Liar in the World, and that's official.

And anyone who doesn't believe me, just type the words "Pat McGinn" and" Liar" into their search engine. He won a prize for it, and I don't mean a council seat.

Although it helps.












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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
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24 April 2005

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