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Smell the Coffee, not the Latte



Kriste Kline • 16 November 2004

Whether Herr Bush was actually re-elected remains in serious doubt to those of us who rely on sources other than the television as an unbiased source of news in the US. I truly believe that the US networks have been told not to cover this story and to the only network reporter who has (Keith Oberman on MSNBC, now on vacation at a secure, undisclosed location), God bless you. There are recounts scheduled in NH, thanks to Ralph Nader and it's a pretty sure bet there will be not only a recount in Ohio, but also violations of the Voting Rights Act filed and perhaps in FL as well. Last I heard, NM was still counting. All of this is being funded by 'we the people' by the way......those of us who care about having our votes counted accurately and openly. I mean for God's sake........people waiting online for 8-10 hours for ANYTHING in the US, as happened in Ohio and Florida? THAT in and of itself is a story during a US election, yet NONE of the major networks have said a word about it. 'Minor inconveniences' is what they reported. People stood out in the rain and cold in Ohio for 8-10 hours, some with small children in tow. In Florida, it was elderly people waiting on line for 6-8 hours in 90 degree vote for the status quo??? Not in my lifetime! There were hearings held in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday and this evening, asking anyone who witnessed or experienced any voter suppression, exceedingly long lines, people being forced to use provisional ballots when they shouldn't have had to, any sort of voting irregularities. Gosh, I didn't see or hear anything about that on any of the major networks. Wonder why? Haven't heard about the hearings this evening but the ones Saturday? Went WAAAAY over the time they had allotted, there were that many people who felt they were left out of the democratic process and that my friend, is the problem. It's not black or white, it's not red or blue or all of the purple maps in between. It's about people, of whatever political persuasion feeling like no one cares what they think or what their experiences are and I think ALL politicos in the US had better wake up and smell the regular coffee, not the latte, because the regular blend is all most of us can afford.

Be that as it may and just by the way, at this stage I don't care how it falls.......well, I *do* care but mainly, I just want ALL the votes counted, as we were assured they would be. Here in GA, we voted into the void, no paper trail, no way to verify that the way I intended to vote was really how my vote was counted. I do know that the elderly gentleman who was on line ahead of me and my girls was horrified and very upset when he called a poll worker over to complain that although he'd cast his vote for Kerry-Edwards, the review screen showed him casting his vote for Bush-Cheney. We in GA are in a very 'Red' state and County BTW. If that sort of thing happened here (with NO verifiable paper trail) how are any of us to have confidence in the supposed result in the states that were in question?

All that aside 'anyone but Kerry??' What could be worse than going from a record budget surplus to a record deficit? Getting us into a war that there was/is quite obviously now, no plan to get out of? Our boys and girls coming home in boxes, again.........not that we're allowed to actually look this time round, might be an unpleasant reminder of the human cost of W's war. Record numbers of Americans living at poverty level? Record numbers of Americans with NO health care? Meanwhile the Furer continues giving his rich pals record tax breaks while doing his naueating one-of-the-guys- aw shucks routine and people like you are buying it. It beggers belief, truly it does.

And just by the way, Kerry actually had a position on peace in Northern Ireland and a way to move it forward. What a concept, eh? What's W's 'plan' again? Oh yeah, like Iraq, he hasn't got one.






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- George Bernard Shaw

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19 November 2004

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