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Lawyers, Guns, Money…& Golf


Karen Lyden Cox • January 25, 2005

Demeter Society's sky watchers expect The Moon to occult Jupiter unusually often in this working period from November '04 through August '05. Gardeners might relieve themselves of hands wrung sore over the coming agricultural doom if the conjuncts are reflecting more of what's happening on our ground rather than what's happening to it. Could the cosmic "devour and disgorge out the backside" scenes be the celestial's political lampoons?

Take a sky high view of the absurd November series of phone calls from George W. Bush, Jr., to Gerard Adams, Jr., in which Gerry Adams barely managed a cheek-flushing second preference to foe Ian Paisley, Sr., who like Bush is another Jonesian-anointed Antiprophet preaching lies. Incredibly, Paisley claims to have reminded Bush, of all people, that Bush "would not have terrorists in his government." Bush, Paisley, Adams: so different yet so much the same. Contorted faces in their wake attest to it. More contemptible, the triad goads others into terrorizing both their own people and the enemy's people. All their victims are our people. But these three obstacles to peace are 'important' men as the news reminds us daily. Obviously, the attention of being newsworthy lures and only a boycott of their celebrity will be enough to dry them up.

On behalf of the Provisional Sinn Fein Party and what remains of a ragged Oglaigh na hEireann, the head of what was once touted the premiere revolutionary grassroots national liberation struggle and champion of the oppressed ASKED the premiere impeachable nation-invader and head of the most corruption-ridden Administration in US memory for "help at the White House to deliver" under the guise of adding more fertilizer to the purposely growth-stunted 'peace' process. Help? What kind of help? More lawyers, more guns, more money??? No, more executive golf!

"While the focus for the moment is education, the Alliance also provides a valuable networking facility to foster relationships between Irish and American business people. In June, the Alliance hosted a golf tournament that brought American chief executives to Ireland to play golf with Irish chief executives." (US-Ireland Alliance news, 1999)

It's entirely plausible that Bush and Adams discussed the possibility of a tee-off tryst, after all, that's what their people do and Ireland is the number one place for golf. But Paisley romping 18 holes, wheeling the cart with one hand, Pinot Grigio in the other, would be a rare sight. Bush, often thought of as the president who played his term away, is reported to be out chipping balls in the rough while fellow GOP-ers trounced by the House Ethics Committee get off with a few light whacks for special corporate favors on the fairway.

Even outwardly-pious, small-town, Bush-Paisley-friendly businessmen have managed to imbue what was a relatively innocent pastime (except for a bit of cheating with "mulligans"), The Golf Outing, with sexist female exploitation:

"The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office is appealing a decision by Judge [name withheld] that dismissed charges against some of the 30 female dancers who disrobed and exposed themselves to more than 100 men at a private golf outing at the Pines Golf Course on Sept. 1... sponsored by Gatsby's Pub… When the Wayne County Sheriff's Office received a tip about the outing, deputies and detectives were sent to the golf course to investigate and part of the event was filmed from a Fox 8 News helicopter Wayne County Sheriff [withheld] had requested to come to the scene because his deputies were unable to cover the entire golf course… Footage shot from the helicopter showed some of the women dancing topless near the golf tees. The sheriff's office recovered a 'tip jar' from the outing containing a large amount of money, and photographs were taken showing some of the women wearing whipped cream on their bodies… Eventually seven women were charged with public indecency. Those misdemeanor charges were dismissed against [three women]. Other women involved in the incident either pleaded guilty to a lesser minor misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct and paid fines… Another participant in the outing [withheld] pleaded no contest to the charges of public indecency, a fourth-degree misdemeanor. She was fined $200 plus $243 court costs. In addition, [withheld] was given a 30-day jail sentence that was suspended, given one year's probation and ordered by the court to undergo a psychological examination."

Saying "Americans don't begrudge his time spent on the golf course because they know he works hard at his job" (Golf Today UK), the impeached former president and Arkansian roué found time between swings to answer the White House Hotline. Wasn't it just yesterday that Adams and Bush-rival Clinton were also doing phone deals for 'help' accompanied by the usual threats of "an historic something" that never happens in N. Ireland? It was just yesterday. Cardinal rule: "It doesn't matter who calls, just so the phone rings in from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue." That's the way business is done, until it's done, after which celebrities like Adams, Paisley, Clinton, and Bush are deftly devoured by the next ones and disgorged out the backside.

Far too many Suits regard Ireland -- all of it, one end to the other, all the people in it -- as market and don't bother to hide the callous appraisal. Their dangling reward for squelching unrest and dissent threatening to disrupt the market will be the peace of foreign economic investment. Community centers, trusts and educational endowments funnel people into the program of getting used to thinking that this is a pretty good idea. Not too much bridging of divides is encouraged since a portion of simmering hate is helpful to prevent most Orange and Green from realizing the gains they might achieve with collusion.

The key words to 'help' are "foreign", "investment", and "executives". Capital produced by the Irish market venture will be controlled by a few mostly foreign investors and politicians who are out to profit, offshore if at all possible. The bottom line in this investment is top profit. Their balance sheets neglect humanity and environment out of budgetary necessity. Of course there will be compensation for helpful politicians. And fame.

The argument that an elite-benefited economic system will ensure a prosperous peace is quite valid as long as it is understood that this is an authoritarian, managerial, top-to-bottom, non-participative, militarily-enforced executive economy substituting for the classist-model state; the socialness of irresponsible accumulating corresponds to peace; and object-richness supercedes other values. There is no separation of business and state: corporations and political partners are the state.

Certainly, a sort of peace (read distracted submission) will flourish because there will be jobs, maybe not all very good jobs, but some excellent jobs and many more paying jobs nonetheless. The employed will be attached to the jobs because they will need the jobs to get the wage to buy the goods that will be more plentiful. After that is achieved, there will be still more desirable goods requiring greater purchasing power by way of more working hours or higher paying jobs. "Trinkets for the natives." Beyond that, there's the 'upward' climb to where there is, of course, private club golf and politicking.

Dissent will cool because people will be busy living in the accumulating state and they'll be comfortably numbed with more television soap operas, more sports rivalries, more shopping. They might work for QinetiQ, a joint venture between the British Ministry of Defense and Bush's Carlyle Group, or Raytheon, or a major polluter but they will think more than twice about speaking out because they will need to keep the job, especially when the suit fits so well. After awhile, they'll find ways to defend the jobs that aid in fouling and warring.

There will be a fair number of others who can't work, or won't work, or will work only long enough to buy their drug of choice and a state bureaucracy of programs and prisons will manage them. This misery economy will have to be supported up front with tax dollars from individual workers, or corporations, or both. Behind the front, corporations will buffer their social losses by charging higher costs, lowering workers' wages and benefits, or cheating. Ordinary taxed workers will have no buffer.

Part of the solution is sustainable business: it's green, ethical, worker-friendly, profit-sharing and in some companies, worker-owned. There are healthy, politicking-free businesses* homegrown in Ireland and from America, Scandinavia, Europe, and elsewhere. Do the politicians have them first in line to invest in all Ireland?

Other corporations, especially in America but not limited to America, are in a rush to escape citizen watchdogging and increase their volume of political favors. Bathed in greenwash1 or bluewash2 -- and specifically for Ireland perhaps a MacBridewash or hues of Flaxwash and Emeraldwash -- these businesses and their political partners are in stiff competition for the market. With nearly all of them claiming "transparency" and intending full well the double meaning, it will take a vigilant public to differentiate between the sincere and the fake. Deals plotted in the golf carts, behind the club doors and off-limits to public scrutiny and participation are 'investments' that should not qualify for entry.

Their immediately accessible media pounds us minute-by-minute with no shortage of words that 'prove' the important leaders are hard at 'work' conferring with other important heads of state and business for our 'forthcoming' relief. Sure. And on the morning of January 31st and at every Moon-Jupiter occultation this year, we can reach for binoculars and watch as our "wee" Moon consumes the great mass of Jupiter. If we see it happen often enough, maybe we'll be convinced that it's real. Seeing often is believing, right?

Lawyers, Guns, and Money

"Well, I went home with the waitress
The way I always do
How was I to know
She was with the Russians, too

I was gambling in Havana
I took a little risk
Send lawyers, guns and money
Dad, get me out of this

I'm the innocent bystander
Somehow I got stuck
Between the rock and the hard place
And I'm down on my luck
And I'm down on my luck
And I'm down on my luck

Now I'm hiding in Honduras
I'm a desperate man
Send lawyers, guns and money
The shit has hit the fan

Send lawyers, guns and money…"
- Song lyrics by the late artist, Warren Zevon

* For more information on this topic, search words such as: hawken, lovins, socially responsible investing, corporate social responsibility, corporate welfare, corporations favors overseas, raging anti-corporate sentiment, corporation watch...


[1] Green*wash: (gren-wash) ?washers, ?washing, -washed 1) The phenomenon of socially and environmentally destructive corporations attempting to preserve and expand their markets by posing as friends of the environment and leaders in the struggle to eradicate poverty. 2) Environmental whitewash. 3) Hogwash.
[2] Blue*wash (n): 1. Allowing some of the largest and richest corporations to wrap themselves in the United Nations? blue flag without requiring them to do anything new (New York Times). 2. Efforts by corporations to be perceived as part of the world humanitarian community through voluntary association with the United Nations, without provisions for accountability.
(Definitions from the Greenwash Academy's Annual Awards page)




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