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Provos/SDLP/Dublin Securing Partition
Liam O Comain • 20 December 2003

Roy Garland, in a past article in the Irish News contends that a return to 'square one' is not acceptable for unionists or nationalists. But in the same piece he outlines what a member of the 1916-1921 Club, Michael McEvilly, stated was available to nationalists under the Stormont Agreement. Which showed that nothing has changed for nationalists: we remain at square one!

In fact partition has been copper-fastened; and Irish democracy is at the mercy of a minority of unionists. Worse still is the fact that so-called nationalists and republicans, the Provisionals, the SDLP, and the southern establishment are the copper-fasteners.

Of course, in reply, the advocates of the agreement will argue that the voters are the copper-fasteners. But, as Mr McEvilly implied, voters opted for 'peace' and ignored the 'content of the agreement'; leaving many nationalists in shock when in due course they realised that they had voted for Partition. Thus for nationalists the status quo remains the same irrespective of the massive amount of propaganda used by the supporters of the Stormont Agreement.

McEvilly asked was this (the Belfast Agreement) what many died for, suffered for, went on hunger-strike for; was this what countless parents and especially the aged and children suffered for in long journeys to prisons on visits and during humiliating body searches, etc . . . a question which I, in turn, put to the Provisional rank and file!

In the context of Irish Republicanism the contents of my correspondence is of vital importance; for what we are witnessing is the biggest sell-out in the long history of Irish Republicanism.

In fact, authentic Republicanism has been abandoned; yet the 'Lundies' in the Provisional leadership hyprocritically continue under the name of Republicanism to pursue their self-seeking agenda.

To conclude, is it not time for the authentic Republicans within the Provisional leadership to decommission those leaders who have abandoned the Republic; and who are leading them into surrender?

Perhaps it is too late!

In any case the Provisional leadership can no longer call themselves Republican: for how can one accept Partition and claim to be a follower of Tone who gave us the objective of breaking the connection with England (now Britain)? For accepting the Belfast Agreement is contrary to Tone's objective.

In fact it is pro Union!












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