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London Court Case Report

Front for Rights and Freedoms • 09.04.03

The case against the six people who were arrested and charged in December last year under anti -terror legislation, as part of an operation against political activists supporting the struggle for democracy in Turkey, continued at Bow Street magistrates today. The case has now been passed over to the crown court and the defendants will appear at Southwark crown court on Thursday 8th May to put in a plea, the trial itself won't start until late summer probably September.

The prosecution wanted the case to be heard at the Old Bailey but the defence argued that the charges, although serious, did not warrant being heard at the Old Bailey, the judge agreed saying that only "very serious and notorious offences" need to go there. The prosecution have finally served all of their papers relating to the case, which now totals in excess of 3,500 pages.

Some of the bail conditions relating to the defendants have been altered this includes allowing one of them to go back to the address they were living at when they were arrested. They were not allowed to return to the address that they had lived at for many years after their arrest making them homeless. One of the other defendants was also living at the same address at the time of their arrest but is still not allowed to live on the premises.

The defendants are also still not allowed to possess, distribute or assist in the sale of two legal Turkish language magazines titled Ekmek ve Adalet (Bread and Justice) and Vatan (Homeland).






















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11 April 2003


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