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Lower Falls Memories


Kathleen O'Halloran • 6 September 2003

In your September 1 issue, I read with great interest your article on secret war graves. Everything that could be said has been said to condemn this awful murder. The author of secret war graves wrote another article in An Phoblacht in 1992 - The Lower Ormeau Road - A Community in Grief. If my memory serves me correctly your journalist was asked to write that piece because it was about the community from which he came. Write it he did, with great sensitivity and an eloquence which is chacteristic of all his work.

However, no one from the lower Falls, the community in which the McConvilles lived has come forward to speak publicly in any way. I come from the community where the McConvilles resided at the time they resided there and I have a few words to say in defence of that community. I feel I need to say something in our defence because so much bad press has come our way due to this awful murder. For example, Jean McConville's son-in-law Mr. McKendry wrote a book which was no PR exercise for the people of the lower Falls. This is understandable, but on a recent holiday I picked up an English language newspaper and I was horrified at the reading of it. The journalist implying in some sense that our whole community was in some way at fault.

We moved into the new state-of-the-art Divis complex in 1969, and shortly after that the Falls Road went up in flames. Our street - Ardmoulin St., the half which ran from Milford St. to the Falls, all moved together on the same day on to the same balcony - Guilford Walk. There were no new faces among us. Ours was a close knit community with some families having lived in the same area cheek by jowl for generations. Those were tough impoverished times. We didn't need to read Frank McCourt's book to gain an insight into poverty we lived it. It is my recollection that no one neighbour would have seen another stuck. A family with ten children was no big deal; I myself am number six in line.

The lower Falls was and still is Republican to the backbone, and can hold its head up and take its place among all other communities who have fought and suffered this last thirty years. The fact that this awful murder happened is no slur on our community. Just as the awful tragedy in Soham was no slur upon that community.

I can find no one in the 'lower whack' who knew the McConvilles on anything other than nodding terms. On Guilford Walk I lived less than one hundred yards away from the McConvilles on Farset and I can say with my hand on my heart that I never knew Mrs. McKendry (Jean's daughter) either from school or from being about the area as a teenager. The McConvilles lived among us but were not of us - blow ins- and I mean to offend no one by saying that. However, when I pick up a tabloid newspaper or see upsetting scenes of excavations on our television screens my heart is sore for the McConvilles.

I wish their memories of the lower Falls were like mine. As for Jean McConville may her soul rest in peace.
















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7 September 2003


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