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Makes Me Wanna Hurl

In Reponse to John Kerry: He's Milking it, He's Milking it!!!

Lonnie Painter • 3 Octobert 2004

I wonder who is more confused, me who wonders why this stooge is in this journal, this right wing parrot who jumped on board with the swift boat fools in a quest to deceive the American electorate and give George W another 4 years to subvert, weaken and change the U.S. Constitution. You (the editors) who mistakenly thought American republicanism was the same as Irish Republicanism and was impressed by the Irish sounding name Patrick Hurley and provided him space to repeat untrue political smears.

This guy Hurley almost made me Hurl (vomit) by equating The Fool of a president George Bush's National Guard duty with the "Fighting 69th" and the Irish Brigade, which have been national guard/state militia units.

And who could be more confused than Patrick Hurley who is unable to understand that a statement like, "a group consisting of the vast majority of Kerry's Swift Boat comrades is airing devastating TV advertisements questioning the integrity of his combat service," [this] is hardly believable when NONE of these so called comrades were on Kerrys' Boat. All of those who were speak highly of Kerry. This, makes P. Hurley either a confused fool, a not-to-believe political hack or a LIAR.

What ever, I wonder why this guy was given space to spread this B.S. in THE BLANKET??????





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