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You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.
- John Morley





Down and Out in Belfast and London

From Cradle to Grave: Ballymurphy and the RUC
Spring 1995

Somewhere in Russia 1917
Spring 1995

The Republicans Peaceful Gamble
Spring 1995

The Carnival Is Over
April 1995

What Next?
April 1995

Address at the 1995 Hunger Strike Commemoration in the Lower Ormeau Road
May 1995

Is Transition Veto By Another Name?
May 1995

An Anniversary Going Nowhere
Summer 1995

Orange Visions For the Union
June 1995

A Change In The Mood of The Nationalists
June 1995

Frustrations Of The Grassroots Republican
October 1995

Gerry Adams, Keeping The Mutterers At Bay
November 1995

The Bridge Trimble Won't Cross
December 1995

Sad To Say, But How Wide The Gulf Now?
March 1996

How the Worm Has Turned in West Belfast
May 1996

Making sense of what the Republicans are saying
January 1998

Nationalists Have Only Themselves To Blame
25 January 1998

Process of Republican Gloom
March 1998

Is Sinn Fein A Victim Of Its Own Design?
May/June 1998

The Pencil
August 1999

2000-2001 ARCHIVE

Frank Talk
May 2000

New Republic?
June 2000

Our Bomb Good - Your Bomb Bad
13 July 2000

Mohamed Elargi - A Child Dies
Summer 2001

The Need for Critical Voices
Spring 2001

Silence is not Golden; It is Complicity
17 June 2001

Crime In Punishment
July 2001

War Crimes
Autumn 2001

Dangerous Words - The Genesis of the Irish Republican Writers Group
September 2001

An Ambiguity that Corrupts
2 September 2001

This Hate We Shall Maintain
4 September 2001

Civil Rights Through the Front Door
5 September 2001

Genocide of the War Criminals - But are they all in Afghanistan?
16 September 2001

In Turkey They Can Die As Long As They Do Not Think
25 September 2001

"No" Minister
7th October 2001

Burying Republicans and Republicanism
15 October 2001

17 October 2001

A Spotlight On Evidence Not There
18 October 2001

Bull In A Communist Shop
Winter 2001

Making Meaning of The Past
Winter 2001

An Open Letter to Physical Force Republicanism
3 November 2001

A Patriotic Paedophile
25 November 2001

Calling A Spade A Shovel
28 November 2001

Sinn Feign
December 2001

Supporting Peace But Not The Process
December 2001

Workers of the West - Fight!
12 December 2001

A Pyrrhic Victory
25 December 2001

Go To Sleep, My Weary Provo
December 2001/January 2002


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