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Fed Up With the Lies


Michael Benson • 17 January 2005

At one time I was an avid reader of everything and anything written about Ireland. I followed every news bulletin and every programme connected to what become known as "the troubles". My children knew that when 6 o'clock came around, the house fell silent and that no one was allowed to disturb "Da" until 7 o'clock at the earliest.

Of course I still have a passing interest in what goes on here but to now describe me as a news junkie would be well wide of the mark. If the news is on while I am at home I'll watch it but if I'm doing something else I'll not stop for it. I just got bored with it all. With the lies. The deceit. The spin. The arrogance. And hey, the Brits are getting as bad as the Sinners.

But in the last few days I've caught up on a bit of news by trawling through the Newshound site. And what do I find but saturation coverage and comment…..mostly comment…on "that robbery". I think that if I downloaded all the articles that I too would need two white vans to take it to be recycled at Kennedy Way. The Sinners may certainly be red faced about it at the minute and I must admit that I have even enjoyed the sight of Martin Mc Guinness squirming through many interviews. Martin isn't used to not being believed. For years he has been telling the Republican base lie after lie and keeping a straight face as he did so. And when he wasn't touring the country telling the lies then Gerry Kelly or Brian Keenan was doing it. And as the Republican base accepted the lies the leadership thought that everyone else was bound to accept lies as well.

And as the usual suspects line up to take pot shots at the Sinners and vent their well rehearsed anti Republican bile they fail to see that no matter what Eddie Mc Grady or Alistair Mc Donnell would like the Brits and Irish Government will still want the Sinners in the deal. Adams, Mc Guinness and Co delivered up the Republican struggle and continue to make this state more stable than it's ever been. Anyone who thinks that the Brits will throw that away for the sake of a robbery is living in a world inhabited solely by Kevin Myers, Eilis O'Hanlon and Eoghan Harris. The Sinners will be back because on the Republican side they are still the only show in town. They may have their knuckles rapped, particularly by Dublin and they may have a few more hoops to jump through but they will be back at Stormont and in ministerial position. Sure haven't they jumped through more hoops in the last ten years than the clowns in Fossett's circus..?

The only thing that I'm sorry about is that "the robbery" wasn't carried out by a dozen ex Oglachs who could spend the money lazing in the Canaries and having a laugh at their former leaders. Now that really would have pissed Martin off.














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17 January 2005

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