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Dolours Price • 14 July 2004

I am confused. I was in the I.R.A myself once and as a volunteer it would have been one of my duties to fight the British Army, maybe even kill one if I had been any kind of a shot.

As a result of my 'Volunteership' I could also expect to be shot and killed or hurt by that British Army.

I am now deeply worried. I watched the news on July 12th and saw a former I.R.A comrade, Gerry Kelly,standing,arms spread wide across a retreating British Army jeep protecting the British soldiers inside!

I have not slept a wink since seeing that. Did some incompetent give me the wrong instructions when I joined the I.R.A? I will be very cross indeed if I find out that I was inducted into the Army by some eejet who got things arse about face!

I saw poor Gerry the next day, looking to be in great pain, his arm in a sling. Again was I misinformed when I was told I might have to suffer for Ireland, Gerry is suffering for Britain today?

If I did mis-read induction papers and wrongly thought that I was to fight, not defend British soldiers then I must say, in my own defence,that mine was a genuine mistake. I suppose it is a bit late to apologise to any British soldiers I may have hurt but if it can be any consolation to them I will be lighting candles in St Mary's chapel today for my sin of misunderstanding.

I remain yours in deep anguish and embarrassment.














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The Blanket - A Journal of Protest & Dissent


Historians and economists {subsidized by governments} are very good at creating and perpetuating myths that justify increasing the power placed in the hands of government.
- Reuven Brenner

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15 July 2004

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