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Revolutionaries Have Set Up Dictatorship


Margaret Quinn • Irish News letters, 16 April 2005

Like Pol Mac Liam, I too lost relatives and friends in circumstances similar to his during the long Irish-British war. Thus I fully empathise with him on the murder of his uncle. But, after long consideration over whether to respond to his unfounded accusations (April 8), I decided I must. I also dislike his lack of contextualising between his uncle's and Robert McCartney's murders.

A more open-minded reading of my March 25 letter would show Mac Liam that it is a critique of the conniving and duplicitous handling by Sinn Fein/IRA (SF/IRA) leaders of my nephew's slaughter, and the omissions and insinuations in their Easter statement. (Henceforth I refuse to play SF/IRA's game of pretending they are two separate entities.)

Mac Liam appears to resent me quoting a phrase, "our patriot dead", from the Easter statement. But to speciously declare my use of the quote demonstrates that the McCartney family is trying to "demonise the republican community" is utterly illogical. Most, if not all, family members, immediate and extended, are themselves republicans, as are countless numbers of our supporters. Such a groundless allegation implies that Mac Liam is engaged in the odious smearing of the McCartneys, as well as cheap political point scoring at the expense of a family that lost a much loved member at the hands of knife-plunging IRA butchers.

Mac Liam seems particularly irked by my words, "most fought and died, perhaps misguidedly, for what they believed was a just cause." I stand over those words, especially as I reflect on the young IRA men and women lying in cold graves across the North and beyond, while their leaders, largely responsible for guiding them there, subsequently donned the equivalent of Armani suits and began oppressing their own communities. So, while the cause may have been just, the guiding and outcomes were anything but.

On his claim, "many have tried and all have failed to criminalise" the "republican cause", I wonder where he has been lately. The present Republican leadership is managing perfectly well to criminalise a once honourable organisation in various nefarious ways, including bank robbing, and smuggling, in addition to admitting into its ranks sadists and psychopaths who believe their membership empowers them to intimidate, mutilate and slaughter their own with impunity, a belief unfortunately verified by events.

Since organisation, membership and cause are inseparable, the cause is tainted by association, a consequence I abhor; some of my own relatives are dead patriots.

Mac Liam states I "claim to KNOW which side our patriot dead would be cheering for". I wrote, "I THINK I know …" (my emphasise.). I do not claim to speak for dead patriots, but do believe they would be on the just side.

Turning to contextualisation, Robert's slaughter did not, like Mac Liam's uncle's, occur during the war years, but during a supposed new era of "peace," 10 years into the supposed IRA "ceasefire."

He was slaughtered, not by British forces, but high ranking IRA "men"; members of an organisation he viewed as nationalist/republican protectors, allegedly aided by SF election workers; the party to which he gave lifetime allegiance.

He was slaughtered in full view of 72 witnesses, mostly SF/IRA members and supporters. None has yet provided an iota of information helpful in bringing the psychopathic butchers of a SF voter to justice for what was, in SF/IRA leaders' words, "a crime".

Even while plotting to undermine the women's justice campaign, SF/IRA leaders tried to exploit them for political capital, alongside their bungled damage limitation exercise. If SF/IRA leaders are 100% behind the six women, as declared, I'll believe Gerry Adams' ridiculous claims that he was never in the IRA!

As my niece, Catherine, put it, "What took place on the night of the 30th January and subsequent days were Murder, Collusion and Cover-up - crimes usually associated with British forces, now being carried out by republicans.

To date republican representatives have responded to Robert's murder in the same fashion as British forces; smears, demonisation and attacks, anything but the truth. The question every republican and nationalist should be asking themselves is not why this family is seeking justice, but why this family is being denied justice?"

Perhaps there are more similarities between both the two atrocities, and British and Republican leaderships, than first appeared.










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